Six Simple Ways To Decorate For Thanksgiving

November 21, 2013
I like to decorate and prepare our home for the Holidays, it always

brings me joy.  Unless I am pressed for time, and lets be honest at 

one time or another we all are.  Then the business of decorating can

become stressful.

Sometimes less is more, I grew up in an era when a few flowers,

a linen table cloth, our best china and silver was going all out.  Our

meal tasted just as wonderful and our guest were just as happy as if

we had been decorating for weeks!

So, having said this I have put together a few less complicated ways 

to decorate for Thanksgiving.

Combine a few vintage jars, vases or tins with your favorite flowers 

to create a quick seasonal boost.

Make a fabulous Thanksgiving centerpiece from the items you have 

on hand and nestle candle or two into the arrangement. 

Fill a wooden terrarium with potted plants or a collection of natural 

objects or even holiday decor-perhaps some pumpkins or gourds.

Make a homemade Acorn wreath.  Small acorns and twigs adorn 

this easy-to-make wreath.  Just use a small cardboard wreath form 

and hot glue acorns, twigs and a few leaves.  Add a twine bow and


Add a splash of color with a basket filled with bright yellow 


Ceramic turkeys in all shapes, sizes and colors are always on sale

close to the big day.  Pick one up-they always add a festive touch.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Great ideas, Jemma! I love the acorn wreath and your philosophy on Thanksgiving decor. Always a good idea to take a deep breath and enjoy the day.

  2. Love your acorn wreath! So simple, yet so lovely!

  3. I'm "decoratationlly-challenged", so I appreciate the tips! :)

  4. Beautiful centerpieces incorporating natural elements! We do often make it too hard, don't we? I remember going to our doctor a few years ago the week of Thanksgiving, sick with some bug and even sicker at all the things I needed to do before Thanksgiving. I told him this, asked for a super shot of some kind so I'd get well fast. He said, "What's there to do for Thanksgiving? Just stick a turkey in the oven and peel some potatoes. Keep it simple."

    I thought to myself, "If that isn't just like a man." But maybe he was right?

    Jemma, I am so glad to be able to visit your blog today. Yesterday every time I clicked on it, from your link, my blogroll, and other bloggers' links, all I got was the blue bar freezing at the top and a blank page. Weird.

    I have followed you now! Thank you so much for following me. I look forward to getting to know you more!

  5. Your arrangements and decor are so pretty! I love that wooden terrarium - wish I had one like it. The sunflowers add a perfect splash of yellow to an autumn arrangement!

  6. These are all lovely decorating ideas for the Thanksgiving holiday! I love the flowers for a splash of color, especially the sunflowers. Wish you a happy week ahead and a very happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Love all your decorating ideas Jemma! The acorn wreath is very special ... I made a couple of pinecone wreaths last year (for me and my dad). Enjoy your week getting ready for the holiday! Wendy x

  8. Lovely ideas sure to be a great help to anyone pressed for time!


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