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Inspirational Thursday -Gardening Again

October 09, 2013
As always, our Texas Summers seem to take a toll on the best of 

gardeners.  Most of us brace ourselves for the Summer siege, much 

like a warrior preparing for battle. Extra iron, fertilizer and various 

tonics to protect our beloved plants and gardens. I love to garden,

 I live to garden, I am inspired when I garden.  

This is my pride and joy, the dragon wing begonia.  She has been a 

real trooper this Summer.   She is about 3 feet by 3 feet with shiny 

deep green leaves and loaded with coral blooms.

And fortunately it is that time of year to begin gardening again!

Am I thrilled?  You bet!  The elephant's ear ( Genus Colocasia) love 

their water, they drink and drink and are happiest when it is about 

80 degrees.

My plants are looking a little "tired," but they are getting their

second wind and I am helping them along with a lot of TLC.

I have several container groupings around the pool.  I  keep them 

going by lots and lots of fertilizer and watering twice a day during 

July and August.

This is the only way I am able to keep them blooming throughout 

our hottest months.  The hibiscus thrive in the heat and bloom 


I have had to cut back the marigolds as they tend to get lanky and 

woody and break off.

My Lady Bird Johnson rose has grown so tall and happily blooming

along now that the days and nights are so much cooler. I am

gardening again and I couldn't be happier!

Please Join Me ~

Little Red House

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  1. You'd think it was summer looking at your beautiful plants. You certainly have taken good care of them for them to be blooming so beautifully this late in the season...

  2. Wow! What a green thumb, Jemma! Not in a million years would I have the patience and diligence to keep such lovely flowers and plants in the Texas weather...I do lousy in NC weather! I really admire this attribute and it sure is paying off. Everything looks beautiful.

  3. Wow Jemma, this looks like a little slice of paradise, so colorful and thriving! You certainly have a green thumb along with your many other talents!

  4. Your plants look so healthy and well groomed. No doubt due to your tender loving care. That begonia is beautiful.
    Wonderful to hear someone with such a joyful outlook about gardening.

  5. Gosh Jemma the beauty of your yard and gardens match the beauty in your heart.

  6. Jemma,
    Your garden is looking very nice. Is it still summer in Texas where you live? We are in full Autumn here, and loving every minute of it. Aaahhh, the pink roses, so beautiful. I love to garden too, and think it's so peaceful when I do. I noticed a glimpse of your pool. When we moved from our last home to downsize, the house had a beautiful pool in the back yard. I really miss it some times.

    Enjoy your flowers.


  7. Jemma, your garden is lovely, and your plants are thriving. Love those gorgeous pink roses.
    Your really have a green thumb!

  8. Your plants are so healthy and glossy looking. How nice it must be to live in a climate where you can have nice flowering plants year round!

  9. Your plants and flowers are gorgeous. Jemma, you do have the green thumb.. Lovely photos. Have a happy week ahead!


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