French Western Pumpkins-DIY

October 03, 2013

Melding French and Western decorating themes creates an inspiring,

interesting, eclectic blend of my personal love for all things French

and my deep and connected roots to growing up on a farm in the 

West.  So much history and romance surrounds each of these 

regions.  It is here that I have discovered the joy of crafting creations

from the humble element-chicken wire...

At Home With Jemma-pumpkin-fall-diy-chicken wire-decorating

My inspiration for this chicken wire pumpkin came from my 

farming roots.  My Mother and Father worked side by side 

working the fertile soil.  Father would repair many a fence with wire 

( mostly barbed-wire) but nevertheless my inspiration came from 

the glory of those days, and the satisfaction of working with ones 



I have updated this blog post with photos and instructions.
You can find it right here and here.
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Supplies For Making French Western Chicken Wire Pumpkins

  • Chicken wire
  • Real wire cutters (not florist wire cutters)
  • Natural burlap
  • Twine
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Silver florist wire

spray paint-gold-diy-chicken wire-black bow-Autumn

I like the composition of chicken wire, I enjoy working with it, 

molding it and watching it take shape.  For me it is very similar to

working with clay.  This chicken wire pumpkin is the smaller of the 

two.  I gave this one a different look and theme by spray painting it 

gold and dressing it up with a sheer black bow.

Jemma's- dining room table- chicken wire pumpkin, sunflower-cotton
The large chicken wire pumpkin is natural in appearance and has a 

handmade burlap and wire stem attached to the frame.  My goal has

been to create a little French Western inspired vignette for my dining

room table.  While visiting my daughter in Oklahoma I picked up 

two beautiful stems of fluffy cotton.   I have added cattails, 

sunflowers, French inspired ceramic vases and the pumpkins. 

pumpkins, decorating, sunflowers, dining room , Fall, Jemma

Even though these two French Western inspired pumpkins are

different I really like them clustered together on my dining room 


Jemma, decorating, Fall, DIY, burlap, cotton, centerpiece

This is the last post on a variety of ways to create or decorate your 

home with pumpkins.  I have enjoyed this little 5 day series and I 

thank you for joining along!

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  1. I love the wire pumpkin, it is so clever and the way it looks...thanks for sharing this unique pumpkin...Phyllis

  2. Love the chicken wire pumpkins and the reminiscing about your father. The two look great together...thanks for sharing all the wonderful ideas this week.

  3. Hi sweet Jemma, I love all your days of decorating pumpkins, but I think the chicken wire ones are my favorite! I love their rustic charm and how you've displayed them. xo

  4. You know never would I think of chicken wire - I thought it was hard and un-pliable - I never thought you could do that - that is really cute Jemma.

  5. What a clever idea. I took down some barbed wire fences here, when I was clearing the woods. I sat out there and made wreaths....Huge wreaths....with the wire. My husband thought I was crazy...but I kept at it and now they hang in several spots in the woods.
    Chicken wire pumpkins...what next?

  6. Hi Jemma,
    C'est Magnifique! What a fun and imaginative combination of ideas this is. Such creativity - fantastic! Catherine (newest follower of your blogging adventures!) : )

  7. Oh how creative! I love the texture of the wire and burlap...such a clever and unique pumpkin crafting idea:) I like how you incorporated Frenchy goodness with the Wild West ;) Thanks for inspiring! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Poppy

  8. What a very cool pumpkin and I love that you shared how to make this on TTF!

  9. Chicken wire pumpkins, WOW! they are so creative and well done. I 've seen chicken wire made into lots of thing before but never pumpkins. They make an amazing vignette. I love them, what a great idea.

  10. So cute and fun Jemma! I just featured this post over on The Thrifty Groove Facebook page! I hope you will stop by and "like" the page! and thank you for sharing this with us at TTF!

  11. I love your pumpkin. I would never have thought of it! Such a great idea.

  12. Hi Jemma! SOoooooo unique. Love it. Great job. Susan

  13. I love lots of natural elements and the chicken wire is perfect with your other pretty decorations. I'm determined to look at my fabric again today and make another cloth pumpkin. I hate to give up! lol Enjoy your afternoon!

  14. Looks cute! Enjoyed this little series of yours.

  15. Mine would never look like that! Lol. Great job Jemma! :)

  16. This is wonderful! A true sculpture of art -thanks for sharing -jennifer

  17. Love these! I'm seeing quite a few chicken wire projects in blogland. Hopping over thru Make It Pretty party

  18. Very creative and fun! using natural elements is a great idea! Have a happy weekend. xo


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