A Pig and A pumpkin Vignette

October 20, 2013
Gusty northerly winds blowing, a chill in the air with a Halloween 

moon wandering throughout the nighttime sky.

This how a not too serious Halloween vignette is born.

Such a  simple combination of a bit of whimsy and fun, a  pumpkin 

and a  flying pig adorn our table for some Halloween cheer.

My Mother's antique crystal bowl filled with a bit of this and that...

Some golden acorns and a colorful leaf or two.

I have never envisioned a pig and pumpkin side by side.

Yet, a perfect Halloween duo they are!

Please join me~

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Savvy Southern Style

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  1. Why not add a flying pig to your Halloween vignette? I think he looks grand! Happy MM.

  2. Love your decorations...not too much...just enough. The lovely room has such seasonal appeal with the added color and Halloween items. genie

  3. When pigs fly, well they do at your house...that is so lovely. I'm not big on the spooky part of Halloween, but this is just perfect.


  4. Such a nice, quirky vignette. I particularly like the flying pig ... do you think he could fly up my way? Wendy x

  5. I love your mixture of textures...the crystal bowl with leaves and acorns and that flying pig just makes it all work....I bet if you had a business decorating for the different seasons you would be so busy you wouldn't know what to do...You are very good....

  6. A pig and a pumpkin! Perfectly adorable!!

  7. Love your flying pig and then adding a pumpkin...perfect!

  8. Oh so pretty and elegant. You remind me of Jackie Kennedy - you know just the amount of decorations to use and they are all so high quality. I love the pig. I love those candles. I have never seen anything like those before. Nice. sandie

  9. Looks great! Love the flying pig - so cute.

  10. Very cute...you can't go wrong with a flying pig! I actually have this pig...her name is Consuela and I just love her! Thanks for sharing, visiting from Savvy Southern Style.

  11. Oh I love it, I think this is totally adorable. Someone else posted a pumpkin next to a bunny, so this works for me. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  12. Looks like you had fun decorating Jemma -- adorable! :)

  13. I love your "not too serious" vignette, especially the flying pig!!!

  14. I hope my daughters use my crystal bowls in such a lovely way one day. Just look at how the candle light is reflected in yours. So beautiful!

  15. Jemma,
    The pig looks delightful on your Halloween table. I love looking at festive decor for the different holidays. I really like your candles too, and of course, the jack-o-lantern. It's nice to mix the whimsical with the traditional decor. I think I will do that for Christmas this year. I saw some cute whimsical items already at Pier 1 Imports that I'd love to have.

    Have a great day.


  16. Sweet little piggy, love your vignette! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  17. Love your beautiful vignette with a touch of whimsy! The flying pig is absolutely adorable and I bet he is basking in all the attention he is getting:) I also love your beautiful bookcases! Have a great week ahead, Jemma! Hugs, Poppy


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