Stanley Hotel and Fire Engines

September 17, 2013

Do you remember the novel and movie The Shining?  The novel 

written by Stephen King, the movie directed by Stanley Kubrick.

This is the Stanley Hotel, where the inspiration for the novel began. 

I have taken the liberty to do some editing on picmonkey.

After all, it is one of America's most haunted Hotels.

In reality it does not look haunted at all.  This is how the Hotel truly 

looks.  A beautiful, gracious property built in 1901, by Freelan 

Oscar Stanley, an American businessman who along with his brother

co-founded the Stanley Motor Carriage Company.

 It is located in Estes Park Colorado and is just minutes away from 

The Rocky Mountain National Park.  The day that we were there, it 

was filled with the hustle and bustle of an afternoon wedding.

There is a fascinating story behind the story of The Shining. 

 I have included the link if you would like to read it.  Just click the 

link and scroll down to background The Shining-Novel

I thought how interesting it would be to attend a Costume Party at 

this fascinating and Historic Hotel which sets 7,500 feet above sea 

level, on groomed grounds and nestled in mountain pines.

You can see that the day was just lovely, so much sunshine, fresh  

air and these delightful fire engines.

Can you imagine being responsible for putting out a fire with this 

engine, just look at how all of the hoses, nozzles and contraptions  

are on the front of the engine and threaded here and there.

I was so taken with this hood ornament-and look at the shine.  Must 

get a good polishing every single day.

You may wonder did we see any friendly ghosts, perhaps a cup of 

tea move mysteriously across an end table or did we see Mr. Stanley 

himself ?  We did not-but please stop by on Friday to enter for 

the Halloween Wreath giveaway it is spooktacular!

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  1. I love your photos and what all you did with them. Jemma do you believe I have not seen that show. I do not like scary shows!!! I am a baby and they can really bother me. Sandie

  2. Hi Jemma, thank you for your most welcome back on my blog! You are always there and have a special place in my heart. I am slowly getting back to blogging.
    This is so interesting.
    They shot some of the outside scenes at our Timberline Lodge here in Oregon.
    It's such a strange scary movie. I don't think I have ever watched the whole thing.
    Love ya,

  3. Oh Jemma. I LOVED this post. Brought back so many memories of my own visit to that hotel a few years ago. That was a great place to visit. And we rented the movie that night....I wouldn't walk back to my hotel room alone. ha hahahahha Thanks for the memories, sweet Jemma. Hugs. Susan

  4. p.s. Jemma, if you are interested, here's a link to a post I did after my visit to the Stanley Hotel.

  5. Your photographs are great but I have to tell you that was one scary movie....I think over the years we have watched it twice but not sure I ever saw it the whole way through...

  6. I remember the movie The Shining quite well. Jack Nicholson's character was so creepy. Such lovely photos of the hotel, and thanks for the comments you left on my vintage photos. I'm a new follower!

  7. I will never forget that insane look on Jack Nicholson's face. My kids were terrified after that movie. Now they're grown. Wonder if they remember?

  8. What a gorgeous hotel and fire engines! I never saw The Shining - I'm too chicken to watch scary movies!

  9. Aloha,

    Thanks for connecting on my site, I love this beautiful building and all the wonderful details including the cool fire engine images.

    I'm inviting you to join us for Travel Photo Mondays, the link runs all week so I hope you can join us for the next installment?


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