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Inspirational Thursday-New Orleans Garden District

September 26, 2013

In July we took a fun trip to  New Orleans.  We thoroughly 

enjoyed so many aspects of the city but one of our very favorites 

was the Garden District.  It too, is rich with history and so much 


My husby and I rode the trolley to the Garden District and then set 

out on our own little walk about.  Naturally it was hot and humid, 

but this did not deter our zest one bit!

Some homes in the District seem to be better preserved than others, 

but never the less they are still beautiful and amazing structures.  So 

much of the architecture is Greek Revival. 

The Garden District was developed between 1832 and 1900 and is 

considered to be one of the best preserved collections of historic 

southern mansions in the United States.  

As you can see the homes are very nestled and somewhat hidden 

behind very large trees and heavy black wrought iron fences and 

gates, also a typical style during this era. 

The Garden District was the place for the new wealthy to set up

their households in genteel style.  In particular these homes 

showcased the essential British element of taste; the personal garden.  

These homes demonstrated the latest in Victorian elegance, a 

melange of high styles gleaned not just from the Spanish and 

French but also includes the Italians and British. 

When we got home I was curious as to what the lowest listing price

was for one of America's most historic neighborhoods-$855,000!  

Would you spend those dollars to live in the Garden District?

Please Join Me~

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  1. What beautiful homes! I've never been to New Orleans, so it's nice to see photos from your trip.

  2. I spent a Mother's Day weekend in New Orleans with my daughter. I loved the garden district. This post brought it all back to me.

  3. Amazing they were not impacted by Katrina... or were they? Another thing to Google.

    They are marvelous structures.

  4. NO WAY - but I do have to say I love to look at them - good thing that is free. Those were great shots. Seems all backgrounds settled there - beautifully eclectic. You okay I have missed you. sandie

  5. Gorgeous homes Jemma:) We've been ~ it's been so long ago that I don't remember much. The Southern Plantations really stick out in my mind. It's so interesting to see how be lived back in those days. There's nothing better than a little southern feel in a home and the architecture is gorgeous.


  6. Such beauty and history here. Fantastic pictures...thanks for sharing!

  7. Such beauty and history here. Fantastic pictures...thanks for sharing!

  8. wow I would love to be there touring that area and looking at those beautiful homes, so beautiful, have a great time...Phyllis

  9. The one and only time I visited New Orleans was in 2002. I really loved it and the food was fantastic! Your photos make me want to go back!

  10. Those were the type of mansions that I used to want to live in when I was a kid but I have since changed my mind - too much to clean unless you have a housemaid and too rich for my taste.

  11. What a gorgeous walk, such stately homes and beautiful preservation. Thanks for linking up today for Travel Photo Mondays, appreciate it!

  12. Neat photos! I love the architecture of the homes especially the wrap around porches. I hope to visit New Orleans someday soon.

  13. Oh dear, that home is definitely out of my price range. I love riding the trolley around the Garden District, but it's been a very long time since I've gone. These pictures are making me want to go back and take my time looking around. Coming to you from the Travel Photo Discovery linkup.


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