Inspirational Thursday-Mountain Views

September 04, 2013

This is the time of the year that we have had it with Texas, you know how folks that

live in the cold climates go South for the Winter?  

Well, when you live in North Texas you want to leave the state during the months of 

July through September, and going West is very desirable.

It is just plain, hot and dry here and not nearly enough to do even if you do have a 

swimming pool.  Cabin fever sets in and we all know that is not a good thing.

So, my friends we are leaving for Denver Colorado.

I have done some research about this beautiful state, as well as the mile high city

and I am sharing these facts with you today.

Boulder, Colorado


I love the mountains, the fresh mountain air and oh the wonderfully

cool nights which make for the best of rests.

Yes, we are leaving Texas, for a week.

Fun Facts:

Denver is known as the mile high city-It is 1 mile above sea level

Denver is the Capital of Colorado and turns 154 years old this Fall

City lore tells us that the first building in Denver was a Saloon

Colfax Avenue in Denver is the longest continuous street in the U.S.A.

Denver has the largest city park system in the nation with 205 parks

in city limits and 20,000 acres of parkland in nearby mountains

Estes Park (near Denver) is where the Stanley Hotel is located 

which provided the inspiration for The Shining, by Stephen King

The World's first rodeo was held in Colorado on July 4th, 1869

Colorado is home to 54  14,000-ft. mountain peaks-more than any

other State in the U.S.

Colorado Mountain Wildflower Photograph


I just feel cooler looking at this beautiful photo-Stay cool my 


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  1. Hi Jemma, how fun! I live in Denver and it's been pretty warm here but will cool down starting Monday. I hope you have some visits to the mountains planned as well!

  2. Colorado is beautiful and you're picking a good time of year to visit. Have a good trip!

  3. I have never visited Colorado. You guys have fun!

  4. Lucky you going to colorado!Anywhere but this really hot weather in texas. I am so tired of this heat!

  5. May I borrow that beautiful picture if I give you credit for it? I think that is one of the pretties I have ever seen. sandie

  6. Oh Jemma. How exciting! Denver is a lovely city. Lots to explore! You'll have a blast.

    Don't forget to take lots of pictures, pictures and more pictures!

    I WENT to that hotel where the producer of The Shining got a lot of his ideas. SO COOL! Go there! Susan

  7. Colorado is awesome! All seven of us flew into Denver last summer for a family vacation in Breckenridge. I bet it's even more gorgeous this time of year. Have fun!

  8. You are going to LOVE it. Denver is such a fun city and so much to do. Be sure to visit Wolfgang Puck's downtown!


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