Inspirational Thursday-Magnificent Mountains

September 11, 2013

You know, I grew up in the West where nature is bigger than 

mankind.  Where you remain humble in spirit because you are 

surrounded by magnificent mountains that stretch for thousands and 

thousands of miles. 

Where never ending blue sky and puffy white 

clouds seem to be within arms reach.

"Great things are done where men and mountains meet."
~William Blake~

Where natural beauty moves your heart and soul to ache.

Gushing mountain streams from melting snow cap peaks

race with abandon around curves and corners,

with absolutely no fear or wonder what their density might be.

Simple sweet serenity rests on each mountain ridge.

Cool, clear mountain lakes surrounded by pungent evergreen forests 

where  deer, elk, bear, wolf and eagles call home.  A gentle 

reminder for mankind that we are not the almighty.

Pristine mountain air, gentle sunsets and mountain breezes.  

Peaceful, calm, no storms of life, no rush of words, no ego's.

The essence of the magnificent mountains calms, 

quiets, reassures that all is well.

(All Photos in this Post taken by Jemma while enjoying the Mountains in Colorado)

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  1. Yep, the mountains are my most favorite place! And we've got some real pretty ones here in Oregon too.

  2. Gorgeous Jemma! I can not even imagine living somewhere there are not mountains. One of God's greatest gifts!

  3. Beautiful Jemma! The heavens surely declare the Glory of God! Psalm 19:1 Have fun!!

  4. Oh my word. You live in an amazingly beautiful place! It looks very big there. Bet you need a car! x

  5. Colorado was my guess:-) Your photos are beautiful, they make me want to jump right in.

  6. Beautiful! The mountains always remind me of you and our crazy adventure out west! Love them and you!!

  7. Oh, my! How gorgeous! The sky and the mountains are so beautiful and I know the air smelled so clean and fresh! Thank you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. That's a beautiful part of the country! Thanks for sharing your photos! Sweet hugs!

  9. The photos are beautiful, Jemma. I'm lucky I live so close, I need to remember that sometimes!

  10. Beautiful photos, Jemma! I grew up in Florida where everything is flat. Sure we have the beaches but those mountains are gorgeous! I love the mountains.

    I was in north Georgia, just north of Atlanta, last month and it was beautiful up there!

  11. Jemma,
    I've heard that Colorado was beautiful. Jess just visited Aspen, and said it was amazing. Isn't God's nature glorious? The mountains give me peace every time I visit, and I love to hear nature's song. I am fascinated by 'cloud' pictures, and these are just lovely.


  12. Wow these pictures are truly incredible and gorgeous

  13. I wish I could have seen them - so beautiful!!!

  14. I love looking at clouds on cloudy days especially when they are spread out and create beautiful light, thanks so much for linking up today

  15. Gorgeous photos Jemma and I do like how you see the big picture. Nature is humbling.


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