Pecan, Coconut and Strawberry Cupcakes

August 06, 2013
Forever and ever I have loved caramel frosting.  I remember Mom

making this frosting, and me waiting for the smooth, rich, and 

buttery crystals on the spoon that had been used for stirring. 

Heaven, I tell you!  Well I whipped up some of this luscious frosting 

and then I needed something to frost!  

Oh, you might think I should have baked first and then made the 

frosting.  But, by now you know me- and well, this isn't the first 

time that I have been known to put the cart before the horse...

For the sake of sensibility,  this recipe will begin with the cupcakes!

I have been in the mood to experiment with cake mixes, this is one

of those recipes and it really is quite delightful and simple. 

I wanted to incorporate the fruits of the season into this recipe.

Fresh strawberries are in the batter along with coconut.  I topped 

the cupcakes with fresh blueberries from our local Farmers 

Market and spruced them up with white sprinkles. 

Some tips for this recipe would be-gently fold those strawberries in.

We don't want them mushed up in the batter-we want to bite into 

one of them-yummy!  

I like my frosting a little runny so that I can dip my cupcakes into 

the frosting, by doing this it helps to achieve a smooth look.

Before the frosting sets, I add the blueberries and sprinkles. 

Refrigerator and serve chilled with a glass of milk and enjoy the 

last days of Summer!

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  1. Yum- those cupcakes look wonderful! Thanks for visiting and following my blog! :)

  2. Oh boy do those look soooo good! I am a tired grandma today...could you bring some over with a cup of tea and we could just sit and chat?
    Love ya,
    Linda Lou

  3. Your blueberry cupcakes look soooo good!!

  4. Jemma, you are so funny, making the frosting first! But this is a sensational combination of flavors, I love it!

  5. Those look way too good. I would eat too many!

  6. Hi Jemma, I've never tried this combination of wonderful flavors! Sounds so good and your pictures are wonderful AND NOW I'm craving something sweet:) Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.


  7. They look perfect to me Jemma - just like you! sandie

  8. You can bet I will be trying these Jemma. Caramel frosting is my favorite too!

  9. They sound wonderful! So glad I participated in Blue Friday. I wouldn't have seen these if not.


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