Inspirational Thursday-Roses & Apache Blessing

August 21, 2013

I bought two rose buds for myself and I would like to share 

them with you.

What is the special occasion you may ask and I will reply - is

there really any need for one?

I spent a good bit of time picking them out, because it was a treat 

for myself.  I was savouring the moment like it was a perfect piece 

of rich chocolate.  It was a splurge to remind me that I need to be 

kind to myself.  

"Would you like them wrapped up?"  The Florist asked.

I hesitated for a moment thinking well they are just for me, so not 

really.  But then I caught myself...

"Why, yes I would, I replied."  With a slight lilt in my voice.

The florist wrapped them gently and tied them with a very 

special twine...I was smiling inside, these were my gift

to myself.  

Oh, I receive lovely and thoughtful gifts from family and 

friends and the treasures they have given me are priceless.

These rose buds were a gift to myself  to help me to 

remember to worry less, find more energy and strength in the 

glorious world that is ours, and to walk gently through this 

beautiful thing called life.  

When I am able to do even a few of these things, I am being kind to 

me, and thats a good thing-

This beautiful Apache Blessing resonated with me so I just had

to share it with all of you-

Please Join me ~

Ivy and Elephants

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  1. Are those roses? I never seen these kind of roses? How lovely! Yes Jemma, me too very often buys myself fresh flowers. They really brighten up your day. I love room with fresh flowers, it makes you smile when you pass by it walking around in the room. I am following you too. Your blog is so cute!


  2. I love those bicolored roses and a treat to oneself is always special!

  3. What an interesting color mix! Beautiful. :)

  4. I think you have one of the secrets of life - and something that makes God happy - is to once in awhile treat us to some of his beauty He gave us. I think he wants us to feel good. The roses are beautiful ones too. And I love the Apache Blessing too. sandie

  5. What lovely flowers! Every once and awhile we need to treat ourselves.

  6. Gorgeous, Jemma! Every day is a special occasion :)

  7. I think some women wallow in not being spoiled by their husband or family. I learned a long time ago to spoil myself or I only have myself to blame. xox Loved these flowers and I'm happy to hear that you had them wrapped too!

  8. Those are some beautiful Roses and even more special that you treated yourself. So many times we don't take the time to take care of ourselves and that includes special gifts just because! Big Hugs, Linda

  9. Never heard that blessing before ~ well as the roses...and why shouldn't you treat yourself once in a while??

  10. Beautiful roses. I love buying flowers for myself as a little treat. Never fails to make me happy.

  11. A beautiful reminder, I really need that. It's hard to give to others when you don't give to yourself. Thank you, enjoy smelling your roses.

  12. And what beautiful roses they are!

  13. These are very beautiful roses :)
    Looking at them make you smile, so no - no need for special occasion

  14. Beautiful roses, Jemma! I tend to lean towards the non-red roses when I get roses. These are definitely something I would have picked!

  15. Lovely roses, Jemma! I also liked your burlap wreath- so auntumny! ENjoy the end of August. :)

  16. Absolutely beautiful flowers and I love that Apache blessing. What a beautiful sentiment. I have to pin it now so I can see it often and remember it. I hope that you are still enjoying those flowers!

  17. What beautiful roses and what a lovely reminder that we should always be kind to ourselves first! If we treat ourselves well, then it naturally flows that we will treat others well. xoxo

  18. The Apache blessing is perfect for me today. I'm going to pamper myself for a few days. The roses are beautiful!

  19. Jemma,
    This post today was so special to me. The rose is beautiful, and I've never seen one like this before - it looks artistic. My aunt told me one time that my grandma was part Indian. I asked her what kind and she said, Apache. This is a wonderful inspirational quote. May I use it on a post someday?


  20. Beautiful roses and a beautiful message.


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