Inspirational Thursday-Be Ever So Still

August 14, 2013

Be ever so still, be ever so quiet, let the rush of the

wind caress your weary limbs.

Seek not to hear with your might...

                                          But your soul.

Rest quietly on these steps and hear the singing of the cicadas.

If you listen carefully the rhythm of their song will quiet you.

You will hear the perfect cadence of the life that has been designed

for you and you alone.  You needn't question, wonder or worry.

The smallest of creatures know their perfect plan.  Let nature

engulf you and comfort you with the knowledge that you are

right where you need to be.

May peace reside in your soul always...

Thank you to my daughter and her husband for these photos  

they were taken at their home in Ft. Benning Georgia

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  1. How beautiful. I've been forced to slow down these past few days so I am feeling more at peace. Sweet hugs for these encouraging words and beautiful photos!

  2. Such a beautiful picture and I can hear the breeze moving through the leaves right now...loved the picture...I am a new follower of yours and would love a visit from you, I have some wonderful watermelon and a cocktail with your name on it..Phyllis

  3. Hello Jemma! I have so enjoyed looking through and reading some of your posts here. What a beautiful blog. This post was a blessing to read today.

  4. hello Jemma! Thank you for stopping by my Tuesday Muse post. I love your photos today! This is a lovely assortment of soothing and relaxing. And such wise words. I wish you an easy transition as you prepare to go in a different direction with life!

  5. Love your geraniums -- so vivid. I never have any luck finding the large ones in Spring.

  6. Oh my goodness a piece of Heaven right here on earth - I thought they were yours - but they are your daughters! She must have some gorgeous grounds there. We had a breeze going today here the temps were wonderful. I do think if you are really really really quiet and give it time - you will find the direction to go. sandie

  7. Gorgeous Jemma and wonderful message today. We really do need to slow down and look at all of the beauty that nature and LIFE has to offer.

  8. Just looking at your beautiful flowers is an inspiration to me. We all need to slow down and enjoy all the beauty God has given us!

  9. Beautiful post. Gorgeous plants!

  10. These are your daughters plants and flowers? They are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. beautiful plants, love the colors


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