Fashion Friday-Winning A Dress

August 02, 2013
I would like to begin this post with a thank you to all of you who 

spend time preparing your blog, for sharing your lives, joys, talents, 

inspirations and dreams. Thank you to those who read my blog-the 

connections which I make with all of you add substance, interest 

and joy to mine!   

I follow a variety of blogs and this brings me to one of my favorite 

photography blogs: 

 Photo by: A Rural Journal

A Rural Journal - Nancy is the creator of this beautiful photographic

journey of her Rural life in Nebraska.  I encourage you to hop on 

over for a visit-you will leave a little happier-I promise. So, it was 

about a month ago Nancy had a giveaway...

I have never ever entered a giveaway before-but when I saw

this dress I was taken with it! I decided to enter Nancy's contest and 

let the chips fall where they may- Oh, I knew I would not be able to 

wear this darling dress- but I knew I had a daughter who would!  

                                Dress From Shabby Apple

Whoo Hoo!! I won!  Yes, I won!  Honestly I really do not remember

ever winning a single thing in my life...

Well, the dress came in the mail just in time for our Destin Trip.  

The dress is such a beautiful color, so feminine and a perfect fit.

A big shout out to Nancy for hosting the contest and to Shabby 

Apple for such quality merchandise.  No reimbursement here-

just a big cart full of appreciation!

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  1. She is gorgeous and the dress really is perfect for her! How sweet! And these dresses are all beautiful! Enjoy your afternoon!

  2. I LOVE that dress, not only on your gorgeous daughter, but pretty much on anyone just because of the color. It lights up a room, just like your daughter's smile. Congratulations on winning the dress!

  3. I love the dress- so cute!

  4. Oh Jemma.....Darling dress, darling daughter! The dress was PERFECT for her. What a doll.

    Thanks for all your visits and comments, Jemma. You are so right about blogging being a great way to enrich our lives.

    And thank you for YOUR blog, too!

    The photo with the kitty in Nebraska is truly charming. I'll visit her blog. Susan

  5. That's awesome!! I had never won a giveaway until this past month, either.. I recieved a beautiful bunch of flower seeds and starter kit. So fun!
    I agree about all the blogs - lives, joys, talents, inspirations and dreams. They are a joy!

  6. Congrats on your winning, and Nancy's blog is one of my favorite blogs too!

  7. Gorgeous dress on gorgeous young lady. The baby is adorable too! Have a wonderful weekend, Jemma!

  8. What a lovely 'win' that was for you and your beautiful daughter!

  9. Dear Jemma, Congratulations! It is fun to win something and love it too! I am happy for your daughter. She looks lovely in the dress.
    Blessings dear. Catherine

  10. Shabby Apple ought to have your daughter as a model for their company - she does the dress justice and vice versa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it and I am so happy you won.

  11. Hello Jemma :)
    Thanks for the tip...the photo is amazing. Congrats on winning the red dress- what fun! HAPPY August :)

  12. I love A Rural Journal also. I always feel so refreshed and renewed after visiting there. Like I've been home for a family visit...only without the stress. The dress looks just beautiful on your lovely daughter.


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