Taking a Trip

July 03, 2013
The husby and I are going on a little road trip.

We are leaving the Texas Sun-

We are leaving the Windmills behind...

Our journey will take us to New Orleans, Florida and 

Mississippi.  I hope -fingers crossed-

that I will find not only relaxation, laughter and fun.

But some wonderful inspiration to share with all of you.

I will be snapping pictures of antique shops, marvelous food,

flowers, rivers, and the sea-

Please join us on our trip on Instagram.

When I get back I hope I will see you here!

Have a very, very safe and happy 4th of July-

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  1. Love your Texas Log Cabin. You have captured Texas... and hope that you have a wonderful time on your trip. Just came back from mine.

  2. Heading out for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary and the 4th with family.. just stopping by to wish you a happy 4th! My dad's family is from New Orleans and I have four cousins that reside there.. Paula, Pam, Pat, and Penny Lol! Yes, that's right all P's! It's a wonderful city with lots to do and great food. Have fun! xxL

  3. Oh, the pictures and inspiration you will have! Safe and fun travels! Thanks for following; I'm following back! ~Zuni

  4. Oh, you'll have such fun! We're getting those pop up thunder storms almost every afternoon...we're having one right now! Take care and have FUN!!! Sweet Southern hugs, DIane

  5. Have a great trip, Jemma! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back xx

  6. Have a wonderful trip, how fun!

  7. Have a wonderful trip, Jemma! I'm not on Instagram, so I'll just have to see pictures on your blog when you get back. :-)

  8. I hope you have the best trip ever - but I will miss you very much. Have fun. sandie

  9. Jemma, it sounds like such fun! I hope you have a wonderful time and find lots of goodies to share with us. Big hugs and happy trails!

  10. Oh I cannot wait for you to share your journey with us when you return! HOW fun. I love road trips. Safe travels.

  11. Have a wonderful trip! I'll be awaiting for lots of pretty pictures.

  12. I love windmills too (: I hope to have one, one day! LOVE YOU (:


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