Inspirational Thursday-Mama Chris and Her Tea Set

July 25, 2013
Mama Chris, is my very special mother-in-law who has embraced 

me as her own daughter for 11 years plus.   Mama Chris has some 

beautiful, collectible Tea and Chocolate Pot Sets.  

While we were on our Southern journey we spent several days with 

she and Papa.  

Mama Chris and Papa will be celebrating their 80th Birthdays, this

August.  Although many things in their lives have changed-many 

have not and that is their love and warmth. 

Their lovely gracious Southern home reflects their entire lives.  A

vase here, a photograph there.  A screened in porch, draperies 

carefully chosen, a certain color for a particular wall and the tea 

sets. Oh, the many tea sets carefully displayed and cherished. 

I love the charming colors on this particular tea set-and the detail 

of each flower, petal and scroll.

These cherished and fragile Tea sets are much like Mama Chris

and Papa.  They have seen the changing tides of time, lived 

through many seasons.  Some days are better than others,  less

aches and pains when they rest and yet through it all they both

have truly stood the test of time with a certain amount of dignity 

and grace.

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  1. So sweet Jemma and a wonderful little tribute to those that you love and hold dear to your heart:)

  2. You really love her too and I hope she knows that! Acceptance has to be two ways because how can you accept her if she doesn't you? (Thinking of my own DIL!).

    Anyway her tea set is lovely. I love all the colors. And how delicate it is. I bet her home is beautiful!

    Is that why or where you went when you went on vacation?


  3. Oh my what a most beautiful tea set. I have never seen one quite like this. Where do they live? I have only been to Atlanta on business once. I would love to see the South.
    Thank you for your comments on our new grandbaby. He is adorable and I'm still flying high.
    Much love,

  4. Hi Jemma,

    What a wonderful photo essay of your in-laws. It is evident how close you are to them and how much you cherish them. I hope you have enjoyed some lovely tea parties with this charming set!


  5. What lovely tea sets! I've been playing with some odds and ends tea cups and saucers today...arranging them on a shelf! I love pretty things! Sweet hugs!

  6. The tea set has such a pretty combination of colours. I like to take tea on the weekend, using something special from the china cabinet - I'll bet your mother-in-law does too.

  7. So glad I found your great post @ Share Your Cup Thursdays!

  8. The tea set is gorgeous Jemma! I love the comparison of Mama Chris and Papa to the tea set. So glad you got to visit. I wish them many more pain free days! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. The tea set is very elegant looking, your in-laws sound like special people.

  10. I am so glad you could share your In Laws 80th birthdays in their home. The sound like lovely people and love your description of them. The tea set is a gorgeous blue with the hand painting with the roses. Have a great week!


  11. Your in-laws sound like very special folks. The tea set/chocolate set is amazing! Such beautiful colours and would be a treat to use or just admire. Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us at Tea Time and have a beautiful day, Jemma.


  12. I enjoyed a peek at your mother-in-law's tea set! Gorgeous!

  13. This is a wonderful Chocolate Pot Set as denoted by the very short spout. It is a wonderful heirloom and lovely. I enjoyed my visit to your sweet blog!


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