China Hutch Treasures-A Cup Without A Saucer

June 18, 2013
Well, after I finished making my grapevine wreath and hanging 

it on the door of my Hutch, I got a bee in my bonnet to move 

some of my treasured China pieces around.

I have an eclectic assortment,  for a while I stayed with 

monochromatic but I was feeling a bit adventurous with color

and just sort of went with it.

So many of these delightful pieces are actually missing pieces.

A cup without a saucer, a sugar bowl without a lid...

And yet these missing pieces actually make them more 

endearing, I am wondering why.

I think it is because they have a story to tell.  Perfect they 

definitely are not-they have survived births, deaths, weddings, 

moves, wars, and each one of them is well, wonderfully 


You know, I truly would not have them any other way.

And why is this?

Because-perfection is just an illusion.

Do you have any treasures that have a story to tell?

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  1. It looks beautiful, Jemma. When you follow your heart you can never go wrong. You have a wonderful collection.

  2. I love your China cabinet, Jemma! Eclectic is my style. Great pieces!

    Julie @ This Gal Cooks

  3. My china cabinet is quite eclectic as well. As long as it pleases you eye then go with it. :)

  4. China cabinets should be eclectic, perfection is boring! I love that colorful oval platter in the center, makes everything look summery!

  5. You have a lovely collection!
    Thanks, Patty

  6. That's what china cabinets are for - to hold an assortment of pieces we find beautiful. It doesn't matter if a lid or a saucer is missing. I have a little pitcher with a broken handle and a Bristol blue glass piece where the handle is broken off and there's a hole in the piece itself. I just turn it around so you can't see the hole. ;-)

  7. Your little pieces might be orphan pieces to some - but to you each one has a precious memory! I do have pieces that mean a lot to me too~ sandie

  8. Love all your little pieces Jemma:) I have lots of antiques with LOTS of patina and treasure them. It's the ultimate in recycling and YEP.. every piece tells a different story. It's fun to have the monochromatic look and it's also fun to add a splash of color every now and then. xxleslie

  9. You have a beautiful hutch and collection!

  10. I love this, Jemma. Stories behind all the pieces is how I feel as well. My daughters and I like to frequent a vintage district nearby, and the assortment of china is irresistible to me. Sometimes the shop owner will know the stories behind each set, and I love to hear it all.

  11. Wonderful! Every piece does have a story jennifer

  12. You have some really lovely pieces and you've arranged them so beautifully. Very appealing. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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