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Rose Garden and A Mom

May 05, 2013
This week I will be honoring my Mother.  You know, she would 

have been  93 years old this year.  I can't even imagine that.

I can only imagine her vital, vibrant, determined, independent 

and amazing.  Isn't that a wonderful way to remember your 


My Mom, loved to garden(wonder if that is where I got my 

passion?!)  She grew the most beautiful roses ever!  Jackson 

and Perkins catalogue was her favorite dream source.  She 

would pour over that catalogue until the pages were crumpled.

She knew all of the differences between a Floribunda rose and 

and a Hybrid-T rose.  And one year she splurged and ordered  

six red Hybrid-T rose bushes from Jackson and Perkins.

She and I would wait daily for the mail-anxiously anticipating

the arrival of the bare root red roses.

And then they arrived-all twelve of them! Yes, Jackson and

Perkins made an error and sent double the amount!  At first

Mom didn't know what to think, then she called the number on

the invoice and the customer service representative told her

to go ahead and keep them!

So, she did and she nurtured each one of them like they were

her babies.  It takes roses a few years to take hold-so she 

tended to them, babied them along, fertilized them, water 

them, protected them from heat and frost.  They grew into

fine plants, a perfect rose garden.  One that made the 

neighbors stop and ooh and ahh over Marjorie's red roses.

Fall came and so did the County Fair, Mom clipped some of

her perfect roses and took them up to the Fairgrounds for the

big judging to take place early in the morning.  She put them in

one of her special vases, and then she waited.  I went to off

to school and when I came home Mom and I went up to the 

Fairgrounds to find out whether she had qualified.

Not only did Mom qualify she took a blue ribbon!  It was one

of the best Fall's we ever had!  So, now I have my garden's 

some of them are pansies, petunias, marigold, coleus, and

some are a rose garden.

Happy Mother's Day Week To All of The Mother's of The 

World !

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  1. Sweet memories of your mother and her special gift for making a beautiful garden. You are lucky to have inherited her touch.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your Mom! The roses are gorgeous! Beautiful photos, have a happy week!

  3. What a wonderful memory of your mother, Jemma. I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day week, as well.

  4. What a wonderful way to honour your dear Mom. I am sure she is very proud of you ,bringing on her knowledge and passion for the garden:)

  5. What a wonderful wonderful world you have there and a great way to honor your mother. You are so sweet and now I know why. And my mom would be 93 this year too - was your mother born in 1919 and died in 2003 - well something like that. Love your roses and my mother's name was Rose. sandie

  6. What a sweet way to honour your mother. Her roses are so gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day.

  7. Oh, that was a lovely, bright, colorful and cheerful salute to your Mama, Jemma.We will always miss our Moms, won't we? Mine was born in 1914 so she would be 99! God bless her little soul. She died at 91 years old. Have a nice Tuesday, Jemma. Susan

  8. This is so sweet.. and a wonderful tribute to your mom. We all love the roses!!


  9. I love this story! You have always been the best daughter. Your gardens are a wonderful way to remember and celebrate the best of Grandma.
    Xo- Samantha

  10. This is an excellent--and beautiful--way of using mosaic to tell a story or convey an emotion. A wonderful way of honoring your mother's memory.

  11. Sure is, Jemma! Love the woven heart. Have a lovely Mother's Day and enjoy your garden :)

  12. Sweet memories Jemma~love the pot with the chalkboard paint!
    Happy Mother's Day.


  13. What beautiful memories of your mom! My grandma also loved roses and had some beautiful rose beds. My mom had a beautiful circular rose garden with a bird bath in the middle when I was growing up...but when we moved when I was 13, she never had roses after that. Maybe she was too sad leaving her beloved rose garden because I can even remember her talking about leaving it. She's still alive (she's only 72) and now in a townhouse...she plants annuals and such, but still no roses.

  14. How sweet! A rose is the perfect flower for our Grandma..a bit prickly, but beautiful and sweet at the same time! It was fun to read a story about her, you should share more! Xo Becka and Molly

  15. Lovely post. Your flowers are just gorgeous.

  16. Jemma, this post could have been written by me about my mother. She too loved and had beautiful roses. I got my love of gardening from her. I had a white rose hedge that I ordered from Jackson Perkins at my previous home. It put on a show every year. What a sweet tribute to your mother.

  17. A lovely floral tribute to your sweet mom -- the roses are so pretty! xo

  18. Beautiful memories and a lovely tribute to your mom.

  19. Lovely blooms, thoughts, and words... Larry


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