Fashion Friday-Nail Love

May 30, 2013
When you have a Fashion Tip like this one, it just has to

be shared-this is one gals fashion tip to another. No 

reimbursement or advertisement, just pure facts!

So, would you like to know a little secret about how to have 

set of pretty nails, without the expense, the fills, the 

drill,the damage, the time it takes?

You see, it has always been important to me to have well

groomed nails.

Because I have thin nails, no matter how much milk I drink,

calcium supplements I take- they remain thin.

When I was a young woman the trick to long, sturdy nails 

was to drink Knox gelatin mixed with water - nasty tasting 

stuff!  So I tried, I tried all of these home and scientifically 

proven remedies and still my nails were ridiculously thin.

This how I became a fan of acrylic and gel nails...

So, twice a month I have faithfully marched into a nail spa

to have a fill, color change or new set of nails put on.  I 

know all of the controversy and health hazards.  But truly I 

didn't care, I needed nails!

These acrylic and gel nails are strong-they withstand sanding 

furniture, digging in the garden even scrubbing down 

cabinets. The thing was the longer I wore the nails, the more 

fragile mine became.  Oh, what a wretched circle I was 

involved in.

And then it happened, my nails were shot!

They could no longer tolerate another drill, solution or 


What now...

So many Spring Activities to attend

and me with my shameful ruined nail beds!

You have heard the saying that "Necessity is the Mother

of Invention."  Well, I was in need so I went to my local  

drug store and found these amazing press on nails.  Press

on nails have come a long way.  Both of these brands last

anywhere from 5 to 7 days.  They have tolerated my 

lifestyle  very well, and they will not harm your own nails.

I don't wear them all of the time, but they sure have been

handy for special occasions or weekends out and about.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Thanks for the tip (lol). I haven't tried press on mails in forever. I will try them again. Your hands are beautiful! sandie

  2. Your hands are beautiful. My nails have gotten stronger since I've gotten older...something to look forward to my friend! heehee! I do love pretty nails and polished toenails, too!

  3. Hi Jemma,
    I remember my mom and sister drinking Knox gelatin. In fact, that was the company's claim right on the package, to drink the gelatin for strong nails. I don't know if it ever worked, though. I keep my nails quite short, as I'm always in the dirt or working on some sort of painting project that ruins pretty nails. So I, too, use press-on nails for special occasions. I think they're a great alternative to using polish or having acrylics. They're also a great "save" when you tear a nail, and it just looks "wrong" alongside the rest of your nails.

    The other treatment I really like for my nails is buffing. With buffing, I can get shine that looks a lot like clear polish. With a little white pencil under the nails, my nails looks presentable. And the sheen from the buffing lasts about a month.

    Thanks for sharing. Although I don't often comment on your tips and hints on Fridays, I am always reading and taking mental notes. I will get my appearance act together someday!
    Have a great day!

  4. You do really have pretty hands! I hope they are hereditary!! Xo-Samantha

  5. I never have well groomed nails as I am in my yard too much. Also, polish makes my nails crack more. Yours looks nice tho.

  6. One would never guess...they are pressed!!! Very pretty! Thanks for stopping by CITexas Gal. I appreciate your comment for Pink Saturday.

    Sue CollectInTexasGal~Today's Post~
    Here Comes The Stinking Bride

  7. Thanks for the tip!!

    I couldn't even tell in the pictures!!

    Sneaky, sneaky! :)

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  8. I feel your pain, my nails and the glasses of Knox I devoured trying to strengthen them! UGH!
    I just took my set of acrylics off I couldn't get to my nail lady in over 6 weeks and they had to go, now my nails are a wreck...
    These look like a good alternative.


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