Lazy Daisy Wreath

April 14, 2013
Challenging myself to reuse all of the wreaths I have made in the last 12 months.  First challenge is:
Keeping it simple by using the White Deco Mesh Wreath From Easter.

When I started thinking about wreaths, I realized that I had too many!!  
So, what better place to start than with the most recent wreath that I have made.

After removing all of the Easter Embellishments, and storing them in baggies.  I ventured over to Hobby Lobby.  I found this delightful Blue Burlap Ribbon.  I like the contrast of the light and airy deco-mesh with the heavier Burlap. 
I wasn't really sure at first, but now I think mixing the two textures adds a bit of interest.

I had these bright and happy daisies in my craft box-just waiting for a good use.
Aren't these little darlings so realistic? 

I added five of them - experimented with placement before securing with florist wire.  

I love working on my projects in this room-it is one of my very favorite rooms- my kitchen nook-I love this light!!

 I made my bow and added it and then brought the wreath into our bedroom to see what I thought. 
 I always move my creations from room to room to see what I think...

We have always had trouble hanging wreaths on our front door-
I have tried everything from "official," wreath hangers to clear suction cups.
  We came up with the idea of hammering a small nail just above the lead glass and then tying fishing line to the wreath - then the nail. It is secure, light and invisible!

Do you have any projects that you are thinking of re-cycling?

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  1. I think I asked you this once before - where did you get that white material and what is it called?

    That is the sweetest most delicate thing I have ever seen. I love it and want to make one!


  2. Love your wreath - that is so pretty! Perfect for spring.

  3. The colors are wonderful. That wreath would look beautiful on my white with blue house and red door. I don't have wreath hanging on the door so I might just need to copy your colors.

  4. Perfect for Spring and very pretty.

  5. Love the vibrant punch of the blue and yellow Jemma. I have too many wreaths also. I should try and do the same thing. But no, I usually attach everything. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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