Inspirational Thursday-Bluebonnet Spring

April 17, 2013
As an update to this post-A Fertilizer Plant in West Texas, near Waco, had a 

major explosion last night.  My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to these 

individuals and their families.

Living in the Great State of Texas we have a beautiful little flower that blooms 

gracefully and faithfully all along the highways and byways of life...

This bright blue flower is the bluebonnet and is the state flower of Texas-It was 

designated our State flower many years ago-1901.  It has been called the wolf 

flower, and buffalo clover.  Some say it is the Shamrock of Texas.

The home of this bright and shining flower has an interesting origin, it grows in 

one of the most endangered ecosystems in North America-it is the prairie.  I 

suspect it is at risk do to what we call "progress."

The Bluebonnet typically blooms from late March to early April.  The Bluebonnet 

seems to always be a favorite object for artists and photographers and always a 

favorite background for children and family photos.

Another treasure is the Post Oak-it is a majestic and honorable tree whose leaves

burst out beautifully on warm April days.  It is drought resistant- perfect for the 

prairie. They are slow growing and reach a height of 50 or more feet.  They live a 

very long time up to 300 or even 400 years!

I just feel so certain that this Oak may actually be several hundred years old.

When I look up through these massive limbs and see the width of this trunk, I 

feel in awe of the beauty of nature.

So, despite the heat, drought and my frustration with keeping my garden thriving.

Texas does have it's charm, even it's beauty.  It is after all, the prairie, a unique

and challenged ecosystem.

As I finished my afternoon stroll through our neighborhood, this quirky little 

squirrel was just begging me to take his picture.  So, I  indulged his whim and 

snapped this - he even was gracious enough to fluff out his tail and give me his

best side!

How do you embrace your Spring?!

Dear Little Red House

The View From Right Here

Fishtail Cottage

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  1. I don't know if I have ever seen a blue bonnet. What a sweet shape and lovely color. I wonder if they will grow in our sandy coastal soil?

  2. Beautiful photography of gorgeous flowers, majestic trees and the squirrel in action ~ Great post for rurality ^_^

    ps. Prayers and healing energy for all those in Waco Tx.

  3. It is beautiful photography - that old tree is gorgeosu and the state flower does look like a Shamrock! I hope you don't live in the part of Texas having troulbe. God Bless them! sandie

  4. Jemma, I heard about the explosion on the News last night. Such a sad thing. My prayers will be with Texas as well as Boston. Love the Bluebonnets. Hope to make it to Texas to actually see the amazing sight some day. Little critter is awfully cute. Glad you indulged him!

  5. I just visited Texas for the first time in March. I fell in love, in large part because of those oaks, and I was thrilled to find some bluebonnets, as well.

    I really appreciate the way you write about these beauties of nature.. New follower!

  6. Hi Jemma,
    The tragic explosion has been on my mind all day. My heart breaks when these things happen.

    Your photography is amazing. I love the blue bonnet flowers and that stunning oak. Every area has it's own gems, and it's delightful to see them!

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Beautiful Texas spring photos. I never knew bluebonnets were called the shamrock of Texas. Love it!

  8. Praying for those injured and killed in this Texas disaster! I do love Bluebonnets! Being a Texas gal they have always been special to me!

    hugs, Linda

  9. Beautiful pictures, Jemma! The Bluebonnet and the Post Oak are such beauties! I would love to visit Texas some day and be able to admire all its beauty myself!

  10. I'll never forget my first glimpse of a field of Bluebonnets - it was such an amazing sight! The prairie - yours and ours - comes alive in spring.
    Up here I'll be embracing spring by getting down on my hands and knees and weeding. I can't wait to get my hands into the dirt.

  11. I've heard stories of Canadians visiting Texas when the bluebonnets are in bloom and they say it is just breathtaking. From your photos, I can see they are a pretty flower and en masse would be stunning.


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