Fashion Friday-Neutrals, Emerald and Pink

April 12, 2013

I am incorporating more neutral into my Spring and Summer wardrobe this year.

Such a beautiful basic which seals the deal for a look that stays looking cool, 

sharp and put-together.  

Don't you think a little glitz and glam add interest and fun-just imagine these

bejeweled sandals with a fresh pedicure.  Or the bangle with soft pink polish

on well groomed nails.

Ruffles, hoops and Emerald Green are one of this Season's Fashion trends.

While shopping last weekend I found a billowy Emerald Green Blouse-it seems to 

me that Emerald green is an extremely flattering color for nearly every skin tone.


I have truly  fallen in love all over again with pink for lips and nails!  I love the 

feminine, flattering and soft look they add to any woman at any age.  

Flouncy hats, lacy heels, roses, gold, pink and white-isn't it just so fun being a 


What are your favorite colors for this Season?

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  1. I need to buy something emerald green, that's truly the color of the year, love it!

  2. You have me all ready to find some spring clothes!!

    hugs, Linda

  3. Hi Jemma. I'm all for glitz and glam. Love those sandals and would snatch them up in an instant. Susan

  4. I think my favorite there was the lace tee - so delicate and pretty. I love pink on the checks too. And my favorite color now is aqua. sandie

  5. I love neutrals such a pretty palette

  6. Saw your photo and name on a comment over on Robin from CA (pink vacation) and had to come meet you - love your name "Jemma" neat that it is a combination - but would've been neat either way.

    :) Jenn

  7. Great fashions, but not all suited for older folks. It is hard for me to find styles I like now.


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