White and Glitter Easter Egg Wreath

March 17, 2013
I have become a fan of deco-mesh, for making wreaths.  The wire form is so easy and light to work with and the deco-mesh just continues to be produced in more color options and fabric. 

 I wanted this wreath to be symbolic as well as versatile so I chose white mesh for Easter.  This 
project uses a mid size wire form, 4 spools of white deco mesh, 1 dozen glitter Easter Eggs, 1 butterfly, 1 rhinestone bow, fishing line, white paint and scissors.  Total time to assemble and 
hang approximately 1 to 2 hours.

 When using white deco-mesh paint wire wreath form white and let dry overnight.  When dry begin weaving mesh in and out of the wires.  This is what creates the fullness and beauty of the wreath.  The more deco-mesh used the fuller the wreath.

After weaving deco-mesh through wire frame add the butterfly and rhinestone bow.  I used clear fishing line to do this.

Cut the ribbon in half  in order to tie each egg onto the wreath.  This way the eggs can be removed easily after Easter and the wreath can be used for the remainder of Spring.

I not only used fishing line to hang the bow and butterfly, I also used fishing line to hang the wreath. 
I did buy some navy blue deco-mesh as well.  When Easter is over the wreath will have the versatility to take on a different look!

Is your Easter decorating all wrapped up for this year?

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  1. This screams SPRING, Jemma! Love the fresh white mesh with charming colorful eggs. SO welcoming :)

  2. Hi Jemma! How sweet and colorful. I love your wreath. Great job!

  3. How very pretty, Jemma. I love your sugar sparkled Easter Eggs.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Jemma that is just lovely! So Springy and the eggs make it sparkle!!
    hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Jemma,

    Such a festive DIY wreath! I love all the glitter and you can't beat all those happy colors. We can all use a good dose of sweet little colored eggs and brightly colored flowers at this of year.

    Enjoy your week!


  6. Oh my goodness how gorgeous - that is white deco mesh - where did you get it? sandie

  7. How simply fabulous, Jemma! Thank you for showing how easy this could be to make,

  8. Jemma, it is bling-a-licious! I just love the fancy rhinestone bow!
    The colors are so fresh and bright and the neutral white really
    makes it pop! Fabulous.


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