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Inspirational Thursday-Texas Spring

March 13, 2013
Welcome to Spring-In North Texas!  Oh we have such 
 beautiful Springs, and that is a really good thing, because after Spring we get more than just Summer-we get HOT!  

So, I am embracing Spring.  I am going to hold on to Spring tightly.  I am going to squeeze every single moment out of every single Spring day!  
If I could I would bottle Spring and when the jalapeno Hot weather arrives, I would open my bottle and sprinkle Spring all around me!

I am not only embracing Spring weather, I planted Spring in flowerpots. In Texas we have to trick our tulip and daffodils into blooming. We really don't have a "true" Winter.

So, Way back in November-when everyone else was thinking of pumpkin pies I was putting tulip and daffodils bulbs in our extra refrigerator.
I was tricking my bulbs into thinking they were hibernating in a cold climate.

They stay in our refrigerator until mid January. When we have a warm and sunny day I take my bulbs out and away I go planting!  And then...
Mother Nature works her magic!

Just before going to work yesterday morning I took this picture.  You know, I will be bottling this up too-so when our days are 105 degrees and air conditioners are humming non-stop.

 I will be sprinkling dewy cool mornings, and glorious blooming colors on my world.


Joining Linda for Gratitude Sunday

Wishing you joy today!

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  1. Jemma I'm in Houston right now and I must say we have been having some lovely spring days. I have also visited in July and it is hot hot hot! Love your blooms!
    hugs, Linda

  2. What beautiful pictures! Oh I wish I had a bottle of spring too! I'll be needing it for August in Missouri!

  3. This is such a fun post. I like the way you planned out growing your bulbs. Here in Seattle we have tulips and daffodil growing everywhere!


  4. Hi Jemma,
    Lovely tulips! Ours won't be in bloom until May, so I'll just enjoy yours for now.

    I can imagine your hot, hot summers! 105 degrees! We had one day, in 2009, when the temp got up to 103 in Seattle, and that was record-breaking -- hottest day ever in Seattle. We all melted, but just for one day. :-)


  5. :D You made me laugh with your jalapeno hot weather, a really nice post! I didn't know about placing the bulbs in the refrigerator, great tip!
    Enjoy your this really nice weather!

  6. The beautiful array of Spring flowers just don't last long enough.

  7. We don't get super hot summers, but Spring is my favorite season. Love your gorgeous pink tulip. Great pic! I had a bag of bulbs that I didn't get planted in the Fall. They were in the garage all Winter. Stuck some in pots to see if they will bloom. Love, love Tulips!

  8. Great idea to force these blooms! Beautiful images of your spring, Jemma. xo


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