Inspirational Thursday-Happy Easter

March 27, 2013
While I was at work today I was thinking of you all.  I was wondering what type of post would be inspiring for you. I have Easter on my mind so naturally I wanted to share some Spring and Easter joy with you. 

It seems appropriate to me to inspire you with a bouquet of flowers.  
If you were my neighbor I would invite you to share Easter Sunday with our family.

Tucked in my China Hutch is my Mother's milk glass vase.  I took it out today to put our bouquet of tangerine tulips in-just in case you should decide to drop by.  Remember we will be eating at 1:00-so don't be late!

Please come hungry...

Our menu will be...

Southern fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, macaroni and cheese, southern potato salad, fruit tray, deviled eggs, strawberry shortcake and pineapple up-side down cake!  If you have a favorite dish to share please bring it!

After the Easter Egg Hunt we could always sit outside under sunny skies
and have a cup of coffee and share a dessert or even two...

Wondering how you will be celebrating your Easter Sunday-

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  1. Tulips certainly say Spring...lovely!! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a blessed Easter!!

  2. Enjoyed the pics of the tulips. They look so lovely! Happy Easter!

  3. My all time favorite flower is the tulip - they are just so gorgeous and yours are no exception. sandie

  4. Oh Jemma, I love that color of tulips next to the aqua on that sweet bag. Not sure what it is, but it caught my eye. Hubby was just saying that he was craving some of my fried chicken. Alot of our kids are going to be gone for Easter so the hubs and I decided we'd 'get outta Dodge'. Heading to Lava Hot Springs and hitting an old town close by. Fun, fun, fun! Your menu sounds delish! My Phlox is just in bud. Can't wait till it's as pretty as yours!

  5. Beautiful photos! Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Easter! :)

  6. Those tulips are gorgeous, Jemma! And your menu sounds delicious. I love fried chicken, but have never gotten the hang of making it myself.
    For us, this Easter Sunday, we'll be attending the early service at our church, then home for brunch, the kids' Easter egg hunt, and finally an Easter dinner of stuffed chicken breasts, asparagus, potatoes au gratin and rhubarb pie for dessert. It will be warm-ish here (for us, 65 degrees F is warm-ish) and sunny, so we'll sit out on the deck, watch the kids hunt down eggs in the garden and chat about summer plans.
    I hope you have a very lovely Easter with your family.

  7. Hello Jemma,
    Beautiful flowers. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.


  8. Hi Jemma,

    I'm finally back .. and should be back in blog land next week. Such pretty tulips (my favorite at this time of year!)and I love the way you've displayed them. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.


  9. Hello dear one, a big thank you for a lovely blog post. So pretty and I wish I could stop by. I won't tell my hubby about the fried chicken! One of his favorites and he talks about it all the time!!
    Have a wonderful blessed Easter.

  10. These are gorgeous!

    Happy Easter!


  11. Happy Easter and farmhouse hugs!

  12. Snap. Who could not love tulips in the Spring?

  13. You know there is no other way to express Easter joy than through flowers. Happy Easter to you and your family.


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