Easter Picnic-Paper or China

March 31, 2013
Do you see anything strange about this table?

Could it be the mix of China, paper plates and plastic cutlery?

I was torn in two directions...

Paper plates?


I even went so far as to use my china as chargers...

I set the table the night before,

feeling a bit brave that I had done something so, 

should we say...non-conventional.

What would Martha Stewart think? 

Even Miss Manners!!

I moved the china yet again and I put the paper plates on a glass serving plate beside this

most delicious dessert. ( Post to follow)

 Please do not judge me on the frosting...

So, beside this Easter plate dilemma, I even let Afton (my darling granddaughter)

dip her cute little fingers into the frosted bundt cake-

But after all, isn't that what having a grandchild is all about!

It was such a beautiful day for a picnic...

In our own backyard...

No one could have resisted...




I am never ever saving it again-

My china will be used until the platinum is gone- 

The plates will be chipped-

And the people who I love the very most will be served in style!!


China even went into the dishwasher! Whoohoo!

Wondering if you had any dilemmas to overcome this Easter!!!

I will be joining Kathryn celebrating Anything Blue Friday The Dedicated House

Please join me The Brambleberry Cottage

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  1. Hi Jemma...Had to chuckle over your china/paper plate mixture. At my husband's March birthday party, I left all the china plates in the cupboard and used paper. First time and it was GREAT.

    Easter, however, out came the china again. Ha!

    Thanks for stopping by on the holiday, too. Your visits are always so welcome. Susan

  2. Jemma you made me smile over this post. Paper is so 'easy' but gosh that china is lovely and meant to be used. Good for you! Oh and yes we Grandma's are allowed to let the Grands do all sorts of things!

  3. Hi Jemma. Loved this post. First, the photos are so beautiful. The colors are so vibrant. Second, my hubby and I have this going 'argument' about china vs. paper. If he had his way we would eat off of paper all the time. When we go camping in our motorhome, I insist on china and it doesn't sit very well with him. Your china is beautiful, by the way. Love the blue flowers, and that cake looks so good, not too much frosting for my likes. Hope you had a wonderful Easter and your granddaughter is so pretty. I miss the little ones, my grandson is already 19. Time goes by so quickly. We had them up for Easter dinner and I put my good china in the dishwasher for the first time also. Came out fine. Thanks again for your kind comments to me..Talk later..Judy

  4. Remember when "everything HAD to match"? Thankfully those "rules" don't apply anymore!!
    What an inviting table setting. ♥

  5. Well I would have done exactly what you did - I see nothing wrong with that - I think it matched and it was gorgeous. It saves you a little bit of work too. So I vote your way!

    Now your granddaughter is so cute - and you know what my grandson did at my son's wedding? He tasted their cake before it had been cut.

    Don't you just love them?


  6. Hello Jemma~ Lovely photos and what a pretty place for a gathering! I agree...use that china! Family deserves to be pampered and children learn to appreciate beautiful things. Mixing in some paper plates has a practical side. Grandma will spend less time cleaning up and more time with storytime and cuddling her grands! You know, when you use/wash your china it rehydrates it and keeps it from getting brittle. Happy April,

  7. Life is too short not to 'enjoy the good china'! Happy Easter!

  8. I love the look of china, but sometimes paper is simpler. And the way you tied the plastic cutlery together was very cute! I really don't use my fine china nearly enough. Thank you for the reminder to use the beautiful things that I already have.
    Have a lovely day, Jemma!

  9. To me it's all about what works and this seems to work well! Your granddaughter is precious and yes if we can't spoil them a bit, who can? :) I think it's quite legal!

  10. Paper? China? The memories are all that matter! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  11. I love it! Isn't it nice to have the freedom to do whatever we wish!
    Happy Easter dear friend.

  12. Decisions, decisions! Everything was so pretty no one would care! I wouldn't notice anything but that yummy looking cake!

  13. What a lovely set of china and a perfect opportunity to use it. I also love the blue paper dishes and ribbon-wrapped utensils. What a fun way to dress them up and still have them seem special!


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