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Valentine Table

Setting the mood for a gathering is just as important as the food itself.  We want our guests to feel as if they have  "experienced," an event.  Whether it is a casual barbecue, swim party or sit down dinner-it should be memorable.

I have been going through some boxes in my attic and have found treasures I had forgotten I had!  So many assorted china pieces.  So, I am going to use them!  My theme for this Valentine party is Vintage-  I enjoy experimenting with different pieces.  

I want there to be a "glow," for this party-I'm trying tea candles in these vintage goblets.  

I am enhancing my theme by adding vintage vases and placing glass domes over them.  

Vintage China from my Grandmother.  

I always begin working with my theme and decorating several days in advance.  That way I am not rushing about the day before trying to throw things together. I usually change my mind on some things and then add more of something else- When we entertain it is for our enjoyment too, so use what you have, mix and match and have fun!

Wondering, how do your prepare and plan for a party?
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  1. Very beautiful decoration und very romantic, dear Jemma.
    Many Greetings

  2. So pretty! I have to say that most of our parties are thrown outdoors at the creek and I don't always spend much time thinking about the table settings as the rest of the decorations. I guess I'd better take it up a notch!

  3. Hi Jemma...Do you know that I find treasures packed away in the attic, too? Love your candles in the glasses! Pretty pretty pretty. Nice post. Susan

  4. Such a pretty table, Jemma. I love the goblets! You are so smart to do this in advance so you can enjoy your party.

  5. hello jemma,
    what a beautiful table heart cookies and the wonderful candle holder
    nice blog!
    wishing you a wonderful day,

  6. Such a beautifully set table. I love your grandmother's china pieces, and that you use them!

  7. What a gorgeous table! You sure have a knack for creating beautiful tablescapes.