Fashion Friday- Thinking Spring

February 28, 2013
My dear friend Laura and I had lunch today at Corner Bakery

and chatted and chatted more!   Laura and I became dear

friends when two of our daughters joined Girl Scouts, twenty

years ago- in fact, we became the troop leaders.  We have

cared for and supported one-another throughout the years.

As the afternoon and sweet tea ended she shared with me that

she enjoyed Fashion Friday-So my dear Laura, this Fashion

Friday is  dedicated to you!!

When I saw this outfit I thought of Laura-she wore a gorgeous

pink jacket today.  It was stunning on her.  Pink is such a 

flattering color.

Jacket by MARNI


Just love this white shirt and nectarine cardigan.  If you are not

a fan of jeans no problem-black slacks are a timeless classic.

"Casual Sunday" by archimedes16


Isn't this set just wonderful, the black tank would be so slimming

and flattering, top it with this loose fitting and vibrant red 


           ."Basically Simple" by karen-keathley


"cream and green" by bellaviephotography

Polka dot dress, jade gray cardigan and heels-wouldn't'  

you agree this says Spring!


Love these colors! by hleyliy

 If this skirt seems a bit too short, just imagine

it a longer length and wow!

"Untitled #304" by hleyliy on Polyvore


Loving Pink!

"Untitled #2001" by lisa-holt on Polyvore

Sweet soft lavender hues remind me of Lilacs.

"Pastel Princess" by mama-lo


Embrace being a beautiful woman!!


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  1. I sure could use you help Jemma! I am ready to get rid of the winter clothes. I think I need to wear more color.
    Great picture.

  2. Dear Jemma,
    you are a beautiful and nice woman and your friend too. I  love this white shirt and nectarine cardigan
    whit jeans. I like to wear sports clothes and low shoes. Have a nice day! Greetings... Dorothea

  3. Oooooh, what fun! Love the outfits, especially the blk/white/red and the pink jacket/white pants, but they are all great! How nice that you have such a long term friend :)
    HAPPY March~

  4. I can't pick the one I like the most - which is very unusual for me! I loved them all.

  5. How nice to spend time with a friend! I think pink is so pretty, especially for Spring. I love the nectarine sweater with jeans. I actually wore a red cardigan with dark jeans today. It felt feminine. Hugs!


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