Choosing a Rug

February 01, 2013

So, I began the search for a entry rug.  I already knew the color 

and the size, no worries here! What  I thought was going to be a 

simple and pleasurable task became a search for not only a rug 

but the perfect rug!  Tell me how does this happen??

So, six months ago we replaced our worn hard floors for hand 

scraped solid hardwood floors.  As you can see we chose a very 

dark and rich stain. I am crazy over them even if they do show lint!

Our entry was a little cold and bare.  You already know that I 

prefer to let things set a bit before I purchase.  I am just not in the 

"rush," that I was in when I was younger.  I can wait and I have 

learned the value in waiting.


Rugs USA Keno Floral Vine Sandstone Rug

Ok, I did my due diligence.  I have looked, read, compared on-line 

and memorized decorating magazines to find this very special rug. 

My oh my, was I in for a real education...

Hayden Zig Zag Rug - Porcelain Blue

You see, I quickly found out that not all rugs are created equal. 

Even the same classification of a rug (dhurrie as an example) can 

be made from cotton, wool, and linen...

What Is Country French?

As my search continued I could see that I needed to form a bit of a plan. 

1- Determine the size and shape of the rug needed by accurately  

measuring the space.

2- Not all materials are suitable for all spaces-define what your 

needs are.  Remember to take in consideration the nap (pile).  Too 

high may not be suitable for a entry-too small may seem to casual.
Safavieh Berkeley BK305C Light Brown Rug

3- Do your homework and really take your time.  A quality rug is 

an investment.  Search through magazines, Pinterest, blogs, Houzz 

etc... I recommend creating a portfolio on what patterns, colors 

and fabric are catching your eye.  You might be surprised to find 

that there is a common theme in your choices.

4- Many on-line stores have great search options-style, material 

color and size.  I encourage you to use them, they will save time 

and frustration for you.

5- Rugs are an accent  in decorating your home, they should not 

dominate or overwhelm, but compliment your decor.

6- When you make your purchase, it will be an investment-think 

ahead to when you might want to move it to another space. 

Perhaps it is perfect in a formal space now, how would it look in a 

bedroom in a few years?

7- Rug pad, you will need one.  They serve multiple purposes-they 

extend the longevity of the rug, prevent bunching and slipping, 

protects hardwood floor from scratches and bleed through from 

the dye of the rug.

My rug is on a delivery truck on some highway from Walnut 

California.  It is expected to arrive on Friday afternoon-lets hope I 

did my homework right!

Do you have any shopping experiences to share that would help 

someone else in their decorating adventures

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  1. I'm glad to hear your new rug has been chosen and is on its way. I agree with you, area rugs are not always that easy to choose or find. Look forward to see how it looks in your foyer.

  2. Hi Jemma...Glad you found the rug and look forward to seeing it! Loved that chandy, too. Ohhhh, dont you just LOVE chandys? Susan

    1. Yes oh Yes!! Love the chandys!!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Diane, my rug search was exhausting!- Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. Some times we get sensory overload by the sheer volume of choices! You did your homework so I'm sure it will be just fabulous!

    1. Patti,
      I totally agree-confusion and overload sets in after days and days of rugs!

      Thank you so much!

  5. Jemma that is all such good information. I have wanted a new rug for my entry, but have been afraid of making the wrong choice. Pinning this info! Thank you!


    Your blog is so you have bloglovin or fb??

    If you want to see a beautiful Swedish home..check out my blog:)

    Have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria


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