Choosing a Rug-It's Here!

February 06, 2013

Friday finally arrived, I went to work, came home, rushed to the front door and there it was...

My first thought was-it is really small!  I had built the thought of a new rug up really big in mind...hum

Grabbing my scissors, I rapidly cut open the heavy plastic wrapping from the rug and rug pad.  First I placed the rug width wise.  That was definitely a no!  So I decided on vertical.

I really like this rug.  It is really quite perfect in every sense of the word-it just is not perfect as a foyer rug!  The wool is dense, thick almost like velvet, and that is the problem it is too thick for an foyer rug!  

You know how I measured, thought, wondered and waited..  Well, apparently I should have ordered the swatch, they were $25 and if you returned the swatch within thirty days you would be issued a $25 merchandise credit.  Isn't this just something else..

This lovely wool rug has certainly warmed up our home, added just the spark that our foyer needed.  It accents without being overwhelming and truly I am thrilled with it. I am not giving up on this rug-I think it still could turn out to be the perfect rug that I was looking for!

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  1. Rugs add such warmth on hard floors. It's lovely.

    Sorry I'm just getting around to your blog. I look forward to coming back when I have time to look around.

  2. Oh your new rug looks gorgeous. What a wonderful way to instantly warm up the space!

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  4. Hi Grammy Emma,
    I'm blessed by your kind comment on my blog. Thank you so much.

    Your home is lovely and your entry rug choice is perfect. I like the pattern against your dark wood flooring. It really pops and creates a special welcome for all who enter.

    I'm so happy to have found your beautiful blog. I look forward to many visits.

    Grammy Carolynn xoxo

  5. It is just beautiful, I think it adds just the right touch of modern, too.
    Love it!

  6. I really love your rug! (: I need one! XO


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