Inspirational Thursday-Slow Down

January 10, 2013
As we settle into the New Year, many of us are setting new goals. 

One of mine is to s-l-o-w down.   

Slowing down comes in all forms, our thoughts, our plans, our 

activities-we know which area in our lives could use a little 

improvement.  I really do not think that we intentionally hurry 

through our days.  It just sort of happens. We seem to think if we 

don't hurry we won't get it done.  But we will, and we might find 

some unexpected blessings!

"Stop and smell the roses."  It seems that this has always been a 

challenge.  I remember my Mom saying this to me. When we really 

stop-we will be amazed at what we have missed!  The singing of a 

bird, the sweet smell of Spring, unhurried playtime with a child. 

Laughter with a sibling.  Comforting conversations with a Parent. 

And when we dedicate our lives to living unhurried-our souls are 

opened up to endless possibilities.

"There is a Time for everything."  God has it all figured out for us 

and in just the right order.  So, we don't need to rush life along.  

Life and time are to be savored, respected, honored, enjoyed and 

embraced.  Let us practice respecting the gift of time -

remembering to live fully in the moment that us been given to us.


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  1. What an appropriate post for you missy! (: Hope you slow down a bit! Hehe, love you!

  2. We could all learn a bit from this- slowing down, enjoying the seconds!

  3. Found your blog through Tuesday Muse and so glad I came over....I really needed to hear your words today....I am learning to slow down and simplify....I am your newest member and I look forward to visiting again soon....

  4. Words of wisdom so welcomed. Thanks.

  5. Very timely for me Jemma as you know... Thank you for the lovely words and images of encouragement.


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