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Burlap Christmas Wreath

My inspiration for using such vibrant and bold colors for this burlap 

wreath came from my visit to the Red Door.  I feel as though my 

visit there helped me to step out of my comfort zone.

The Red Door will always be such a magical shop for me to visit.

So, now that I have the courage to decorate with more color and

using the supplies which I purchased from the Red Door.  I have  

my glue gun heated, straw wreath and scissors in hand!


Step 1:

Cut 6" x 10" strips of burlap to cover straw wreath.  Tightly 

wrap the wreath with the burlap and secure with hot glue.

Step 2:

  After wreath is completely covered with burlap use floral wire 

and hot glue to secure decorative floral and other 


                                              Step 3:
Any time I create I always let my craft sit a day or two.  I live 

with it a bit and then add or take away depending on how it 

looks and feels to me.

                                            Step 4:

I like my wall decor even, so I always use a level and measuring 

tape to insure straight lines.

Finished vintage wreath and mantle.

What is your theme this season?

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