23 February 2013

Liebster Award

Well, you can just imagine how delighted and honored I am that 

Melinda, from The Refeathered Roost passed on her Liebster 

Award to ATHOMEWITHjemma.  Liebster, in German, means 

endearing, valued and lovely.  The award acknowledges up and 

coming bloggers for outstanding accomplishments within design

that is presented in their blog.

Here are the rules for accepting the award:

1-  Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.

2-  Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create
11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.

3-Choose 11 new bloggers(with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post.

4-Go back to their page and tell them about their award.

5-No tag backs.

Here are the questions which Melinda asked about me.

1-What is your favorite room in your home?

Oh my, I have two!! But if I must choose it would be our formal

living room.  We just put in new hand-scraped hard wood floors, 

and repainted the ceiling and walls French Gray  and the trim 

pure white.  This room has a large and formal mantle with a 

mirror that goes to the ceiling, a lovely wall of windows brings

in abundant light that reflects off the mirror.

2-If you could live in any home that is in a television program,
movie or book, which house would you choose?

I would love to live in a Plantation Home-similar to the one in 

A Walk To Remember, or Forrest Gump.  I adore the porches, 

with rocking chairs, the balconies on the second floor and of 

course the land and space that goes with them!!  Magnolia trees 


3-What is the item you dream of bringing home but it is too dad-gum expensive?

My dream is to have a conservatory! I guess, this isn't an item 

that I could bring home-but it still is my dream and it is way out 

of my budget!

4-Are you a morning person or nightowl?

Morning!! Honestly I am happy to get out of bed and start my 

day with a wonderful cup of coffee!  I have tons of energy in the 

morning.  I am most creative in the early hours as well.

5-What is your favorite Holiday?

Christmas!  I love the traditions associated with the celebration 

of Christ's birth.  The baking and decorating mean alot to me, 

and now that we have these wonderful grandchildren I want to 

create memories for them at Grammy's and Gramps!

6-Do you think I look fat in this? And if you do why in the world wouldn't you just lie to me?  JUST KIDDING!  One piece or two piece bathing suit?  I'm not kidding.

Two piece??!! No way-tankini please!  They are actually so much

more flattering than a one-piece.

7-What is the next project you are considering for your home?

I am currently sanding and hand painting several pieces of 

furniture. Our big project is adding hardwood floors to our 

family room and new tile in kitchen.

8-Are you an extrovert or introvert?  (Sorry... I had to put in one question in here concerning personality types.)

I am a bit of a mix-I enjoy meeting new people and I really enjoy 

good conversations.  I look forward to time spent with my friends

and miss them when I haven't seen them for awhile.  I also, enjoy 

time spent at home, fussing with my flowers, working on 

projects, marveling at all the wonders of our beautiful world.

9-What feeling do you hope your home evokes when visitors enter?

I hope that when anyone visits my home, they feel welcome. I 

have incorporated many of my Mother and Grandmother's 

vintage pieces, along with warm yellows, natural light and plants 

to create harmony.  I  then layer my pieces in an effort to create 

a sense of  abundance which feels cozy to me.

10-Where is the most interesting place you have visited?

Jackson Hole Wyoming is one of the most interesting places I 

have visited.  I enjoy the romance of the cowboy and the Wild 

West.  Not to mention the Tetons are beautifully magnificent!

11-What is the greatest joy you find in blogging?

I have two greatest joys!!  I love to write and I am absolutely 

loving meeting all of these talented, caring, giving, kind, crafty 

and interesting bloggers!  A whole new world is opening up for 

me and I am enjoying every moment of it!

Please visit these blogs which I enjoy and who I have passed 

the Liebster Award to!!












Congratulations to these new and upcoming bloggers-I follow all 

of these interesting, creative, inspirational and informative 

blogs.  Please give them a visit-I know they would enjoy hearing 

from you!

Here are my eleven questions for you, please tell us why.

1.  What is your favorite smell?

2.  If you could invite anyone to lunch who would it be?

3.  Live plants or silk?

4.  Heels or flats?

5.  What would you do with a yard of burlap?

6.  What is your biggest take away from blogging?

7.  What is your favorite city?

8.  Favorite paint color for your kitchen?

9.  Mild or spicy food?

10. What would you do with with two pieces of reclaimed wood?

11.  Cool tones or warm?


Jemma's home is a quiet spot nestled among the trees. You might find me writing, reading, or puttering in my Greenhouse, tweaking a recipe, crafting a wreath or loving on my grands. Always living with a grateful heart.


  1. Congratulations, Jemma!
    And I loved learning a few things about you. Yes, a conservatory is on my list as well. . . wouldn't it be nice.
    ~ Lili@creativesavv

  2. Dear Jemma, congratulations for the Award. Our baby is not there yet.
    Have a nice weekend. Regards... Dorothea

  3. Good for you. I am sure you deserved your award. I recall when I first got one, thought it was an Oscar.

  4. Congrats to you! - I love reading what other people write about themselves as you really get to know the person better. Good to know more about you.

    PS I loved the movie A Walk To Remember

  5. Congratulations! It is a well deserved award! I'm glad it was presented to you. Not only is it meaningful, but it is attractive and filled with happy meaning!

  6. Oh I am so very pleased that you got this award! I love your blog and how encouraging for you.
    Happy Happy!

  7. Congratulations, Jemma! And thank you! It's an honor to be on your list.

  8. Congratulations! It's so much fun to get awards!

  9. Congrats and well deserved award Jemma! Loved learning more about you. Alot of your answers were what I would have answered. It made me smile!

  10. Congrats on the award! I am following you back. Nice to meet you!

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  12. Congratulations on the award. I am following you back.

  13. How lovely! Congratulations on your award. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  14. Congratulations on your award! You totally deserve it!


  15. Love your answers so much,Jemma! I was so happy to pass this along to you...you really do deserve it!

  16. Congratulations Jemma! I'm happy to follow along!

  17. Congrats Momma Mia! xoxo, Becka and Molly


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