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An Uplifting Christmas Story For My Grandchildren

Hello friends it is comforting to be with you during these final hours of this Christmas season. You and I have marched through the twilight hours of 2020 hand in hand. While there have been times when I personally just wanted to sit, sulk and smolder like an old smoke stack, out of the blue I would receive an email, package, call or text from you. 😀 2020 has been the year of Uplifting one another as never before and what a Christmas Story this is. 

Holiday Entertaining: Setting Up An Easy Hot Chocolate Bar

Hey Friends, with Thanksgiving less than a week away we are preparing for some Old Fashioned Holiday goodness with a Hot Chocolate Bar. Today I am sharing some tips on how to set up and style an easy hot chocolate bar for yourself, family and friends.  I am also joining three other Homemakers for our monthly DIY Blog Tour with links to their blogs as they share their best Hot Chocolate Bars of the Season! Just scroll on down to the bottom of this post. Oh, and thanks Kippi at Home for hosting!

Christmas Décor: DIY Christmas Terrarium

Welcome friends to a Christmas Décor DIY Christmas Terrarium. This is a super fun and kid friendly holiday craft and I highly recommend it for the youngsters in your life.  I assembled this in just about 10 minutes. This is a no fuss craft project that is about the sweetest and easiest craft that I have shared in a long time. You can easily put your own unique spin on it for the Holidays. Please keep on scrolling too, because I know you aren't going to want to miss out on 17 Makers bringing you a crafting extravaganza for the Holidays. All of the links to all of this creativity can be found at the end of this post.

Holiday Accessories With Mrs. Southern Social and Brianna Cannon

This is a Happy Holiday post friends! You know if the Grinch can't stop Christmas from coming, well then 2020 isn't going to either. There is no denying it 2020 has been a rough year so let's decorate our homes, eat dessert first ( Mary Berry Sponge Cake ) and dress up girls! Just because we may not be going out on the town doesn't mean we can't add some sparkle and glitz to our lives. Today I am happy to be bringing you some Holiday accessories with Mrs. Southern Social and Brianna Cannon.

Vintage Flower Truck Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Hi Friends and welcome to Thanksgiving Central over here at Jemma's. I am on a mission to bring us all as much Thanksgiving inspiration as I can in the next three weeks.😀 To help me out I am joining Kippi At Home for a Thanksgiving roundup. All of the links to the other nine creative bloggers are at the end of this post. Enjoy!  I am having fun with this darling replica of a Vintage Truck that I found at Target . I built my outdoor tablescape around this truck and the nostalgia of days gone by to create this Vintage Flower Truck Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

DIY Galvanized Three -Tiered Metal Tray: Tenth On The Tenth

Today I am kicking of the Holiday Season with this adorable DIY Galvanized Three-Tiered Metal Tray using Dollar Tree Supplies , plus the opportunity for you to win a $25.00 gift card to Amazon.😊 I am also joining a creative crew of seven for 10 on the Tenth . All of the links will be at the end of this post.  This  DIY Galvanized Three-Tiered Metal Tray is most certainly going to fit your budget and give you so many ways to display homemaking items and Christmas décor.

Thanksgiving Tablescape: Simple and Elegant

Hello Sweet Friends, here in Florida we have all the wonderful Fall feels going on in our home today! Windows open, spicy candles burning and I am doing a happy little jig as I welcome you to our Thanksgiving blog hop. Today you will find creative and crafty bloggers sharing Thanksgiving inspiration that is sure to ignite your own creative flair. You will find the links to these lovely tablescape stylists located at the end of this post!😀

Jemma's Tales: Aplin Sunflower Farms

 A few weeks ago we took a lovely jaunt up to Dothan Alabama to Aplin , with our Panama City family to do some exploring, investigating and Sunflower picking! Who knew that just an hour up the road heading North that we would discover such glorious farm country. If you are one of my loyal readers you know that me and farms go together just about as good a PB & Jelly. The humidity just seemed to have vanished on this fine Saturday in mid-October and the drive was pure splendor for this gal. Country roads with fields of cotton and corn. Pastures with content cows and horses formed the landscape as we listened to some good old country music and had the windows rolled down too. I sort of felt like I was rolling along in my Dad's old Ford F-150, with a stick shift. Aplin Sunflower and pumpkin farm is great place to take the youngsters. Wonderful selection of pumpkins (maybe a little $$) but nevertheless the outdoor experience and connecting with nature was well worth it to our fami

Fresh Handmade Holiday Magnolia Wreath

Welcome Friends! It is officially time to kick off the Holiday season with handmade goodness😊. Today I am happily sharing photos, a supply list and a written tutorial on how to make a fresh handmade Holiday Magnolia Wreath. Fourteen other Makers (all links are below) are part of this crafty goodness as we bring you our best Holiday ideas for our annual Creative Holiday Craft Hop! A great big thank you goes out to Chloe From Decorate and Celebrate and to Andrea from Design Morsels for organizing this special event.

Sugar Skull Tablescape: Celebrating Day of the Dead

Welcome to a Halloween Tablescape extravaganza and a big thank you to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate  for hosting this haunting good time. I am in good company today with some of the very most talented tablescape stylists around. You will find all of the links to the participants at the end of this post. Join me in our dining for a festive and friendly Sugar Skull Tablescape, also known as Day of the Dead. We are celebrating Halloween  through color, whimsy, texture, playfulness and cake!

How To Make A Pumpkin Out Of Chicken Wire

Greetings and happy October friends! Today I am joining 6 other bloggers for 10 on the Tenth as we all share our take on the theme of Harvest. I am bringing back an oldie but goodie craft; the chicken wire pumpkin. I have had many requests to revisit this post and share the gauge of chicken wire that I used as well as detailed DIY instructions. I went ahead and tweaked the original design of the pumpkin from my 2013 French Western Chicken Wire Pumpkin post by changing the gauge of wire, added some copper wiring, beads and burlap flower.

Southern Farmhouse: Charming Fall Front Porch

 Thank you for joining us today for our World of Octobers blog hop. We are eleven bloggers who are happy to have you join us as we celebrate one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year! We are scattered all across the country and are bringing you a variety of decorating styles, holiday ideas and glorious wonderful Fall inspiration! Just keep scrolling to get to all of the links at the end of this post.

Fall And Floral Dough Bowl Centerpiece

My goodness friends, it seems to me that we haven't chatted in such a long time and we seriously do have so much to catch up on. However, for today let's cut to the chase and get busy decorating for Fall!  Today I am going to share my beautiful hand scraped dough bowl all dressed for Fall. I chose to style her with faux pumpkins, succulents, and real living roses, carnations, ferns and other flowers leftover from my beautiful Birthday Bouquet. Mixing these two elements (faux and real) is perfectly acceptable and a great way to up cycle a wilting floral bouquet.

Beautiful and Bold Accessories From Brianna Cannon//Team RLN

Greetings my Lovelies from the sunshine State of Florida. It has been said that we all tend to circle back around in life and this certainly seems to be holding true for this gal. When I first began my blog in the Fall of 2013 I had an entire section dedicated to fashion, accessories and trends. I wandered away from blogging about fashion and such and now I am sort of wondering why...what gal doesn't love accessorizing! Today we are sharing a peek into the colorful world of   Brianna Cannon//Team RLN  . All Photos Shared Today are courtesy of  Brianna Cannon/TeamRLN 

Coastal Style Living 30A & Premium Paint By Number Kit

I have some news to share with you all, we have moved to Florida and we will be living Low Country Style in a lakeside Community in Southport. Talk about a drastic change of scenery and lifestyle from the rugged Mountains of Colorado to lakes, bayous and the gulf. We even closed on our home today, which makes my head spin even more and all of a sudden I feel tired...and well, slightly crazy.

DIY Red White and Blue Door Decor

Welcome to our creative gathering of Ten on the Tenth. We are a group of friends and bloggers who share our individual spin on creativity for the home for under Ten dollars on the 10th of each month. With our theme challenge for June being red, white and blue I wanted to create something Patriotic for our front door in preparation for the 4th of July. So, I headed to my craft closet and Hobby Lobby and here I am sharing my  DIY Red, White and Blue Door Decor.

Avocado Black Bean Salad With Lime Dressing

Greetings and welcome to a Summer Nights Mini Blog Hop!  Cecilia from from My Thrift Store Addiction invited me to join her and four other bloggers for this Mini Blog Hop I said I am in!  This time of the year I am always on the look out for fresh and fun ideas and I just bet you are too. So if you truly are searching for a great side dish for small Summertime gatherings, picnics or 4th of July festivities well look no further. This fresh and fabulous Summer Avocado Black Bean Salad with Lime Dressing recipe is a perfect dish for sharing!

Pressing Flowers And Leaves

Good Morning and welcome, I am so very happy that you are here! Today we are taking a little gander through the garden where we are going to be picking, and pressing some pansies. The key to vibrant pressed flowers and leaves is picking them at their peak, pressing them and then using them for a variety of decorative and craft projects. Let your imagination and creativty be your guide.

Colorado Cottage Kitchen Makeover|Plodding Along

Hello friends and welcome to segment one of Our Colorado Mountain Cottage. This is a mix of a Jemma Tale and a home makeover, because while my home was getting a physical makeover I was getting a spiritual one. Today we are going to take a look on how we took our rather dark and dreary Kitchen to light and bright and how plodding led me to spiritual growth. For those of you that have been with me on my blogging journey from the beginning, I want to give you a big virtual hug and say thank you for plodding along with me! I appreciate YOU!

A Dash of Patience and a Rhubarb Cake

In my memory of growing up on our Idaho Farm in the 50's there were many signs in nature that indicated the arrival of Spring. Robins began hopping about on spindly legs while scavenging open spaces for twigs as they prepared to homestead for the season. Wild asparagus began popping up along the ditch banks, and then there was the red effervescent Rhubarb plant, just begging to be popped into a cake or pie.

Spring Nesting Blog Hop | Afternoon Tea

Welcome to At Home With Jemma. I have a refreshed Web design ( thank you Linda ) and some free printables for new subscribers, so I hope you'll become a member of our homemaking community by joining our mailing list. I have been blogging for many years now and blogging continues to be a remarkable gift to me. Blogging provides a nurturing and creative outlet for me to share homemaking , writing, crafts , recipes and gardening with other homemakers like you! I am also thankful for the opportunity to connect with lovely folks from all over the world. Today I was invited by my longtime friend Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction to join in with eight other bloggers for a cozy Spring Nesting Blog Hop.  So, welcome gentle friends to Afternoon Tea on our Colorado Patio.

Ten On The Tenth Hop| Recycled Mother's Day Watering Can

Welcome friends and new subscribers, how blessed I am to have you join me for our once a month 10 on the Tenth creative blog hop !  As we enter into another month of Stay Home, I thank you for sticking in here with me.  This has been a long haul in uncertain times and in order to maintain a positive outlook I have had to guard my mindset through Bible study, prayer, homemaking, gardening and yes crafting! Today 7 homemakers   😊 are going to be sharing their version of up-cycling things you might just have at home. I thought that I would share a cheerful and multi-use watering can makeover.

Vintage Style Mother's Day On Our Patio

Welcome to our vintage style Mother's Day on our patio and also Happy Mother's Day Week! Today's post is all about celebrating the art of homemaking and remembering Mom and Grandma through their love of china and collectibles. Preserving a collection is preserving History, an era, a thought, a moment, an event. I loved preparing and photographing this post because it's all about celebrating women and the difference that my Mom and Grandma made and continue to make in my life. In between all of this celebration of  life, we will be talking about being blessed and figuring out where these collectibles and china came from! This Wedding China is my Grandmother's and is 100 years old. I know I had the best Mother in the world and I just bet you do too! 

May Day Country Cottage Wreath

Good Morning and thank you for joining me today as I celebrate May Day! Truly what a beautiful day it is here in the mountains of Colorado, the sun is slipping through the pines and we didn't get below freezing last night. After having had an extremely cold and snowy Winter we are welcoming spring with open arms. The last snow drift has melted, tulips are budding and I saw the first bumble bee and hummingbird of the season. Naturally with all of this Spring bursting around me I was compelled to create a May Day Country Cottage Wreath.

Creative Craft Blog Hop| DIY Gardening Sunbonnet

Welcome to a creative craft blog hop hosted by my friend,  Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate .  Today 26 Makers have taken the challenge of putting their own unique spin and personal style on crafting, ohh how I love this Crafting camaraderie  Here we are, all armed with glue guns, needles, thread, modpodge, and ribbon in hand ready to seize the moment and our Making community! As makers we enjoy uplifting up one another to create and then we get to have some fun sharing the finished product with one another and you too!

Happy Earth Day at the Dallas Arboretum

Happy Earth Day Friends! Today we celebrate Earth Day virtually and rejoice in the miraculous beauty of flowers. There will be very little commentary here today, because I am going to have the glory of Mother Nature tell her story of our good earth and how she delivers year after year the wonder of life.

Modpodge French Terracotta Pot for a Spring Vignette

I am so glad you dropped by today and I truly hope you’ll stay a spell. Today I am sharing a close up look at my DIY modpodge french style terracotta pot for a carefree Spring Vignette.  Also, I have one small request would you mind sharing with me what you have been making too?  Now friends, when I say making, it can be anything from a pot of stew recipe,  a new flower bed or whatever you have been doing to keep yourself engaged and vital while we wait just a bit longer to re-enter society.

David Austin Roses For The Home & Garden|Gardening Series 4

If you have been a friend of At Home With Jemma for awhile, you all know that I enjoy chatting with you all about many, many topics. I so enjoy when you share your experience and thoughts too. I love sharing crafting, decorating and homemaking but I also love, love my gardens! These gardens not only bring me joy, they challenge me and they are my therapy and I am struggling right now with all of them covered in snow. I am a disgruntled gardener. I am craving garden therapy!!!! But a girl can dream and I am dreaming of roses! So today let's dig in and take a look at David Austin Roses for our home and gardening series while we celebrate National Gardening Day too.

Happy Easter and a Pastel Cottage Picnic

Dave, and I are stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter. Yesterday we celebrated in the joy of His Resurrection outdoors with a cottage picnic and gorgeous 60 degree sunshine infused, blue sky, without a breeze weather and boy was that one marvelous way to say thank you sweet Jesus.

Handmade Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath

Good Morning! You know I love my wreaths and I have another one to share with you today. I am so glad that we have technology, because even though we are all staying home and staying safe, we can still visit each other. So come on in, I have a special spot saved just for you in my Kitchen. There is a pile of assorted yarn, some colorful felt and an Easter bunny or two just waiting to hop on this yarn wreath. Once you discover how economical, simple and whimsical this wreath is, I think that you are really going to want to make one for yourself. This festive handmade yarn and felt flower wreath can easily be made for well under ten dollars!

Handmade Spring Rag Wreath Tutorial and Supply List

Good Monday morning dear friends and readers. Well here we are together as our country is facing another week of sheltering indoors and being together via Face time, Facebook, email, text or on the phone is the best place to be! So welcome to my blog and let's getting crafting and chatting as I share a handmade Spring Rag Wreath tutorial. These past few days have been extra challenging for me, as I continue to process the magnitude of the coronavirus and how it impacts our nation, my people, your people and the world around us. So I hope and pray that this post finds you all well and holding on to your can-do spirit!

Easter Luncheon: Setting A Cottage Style Tablescape

Good Morning and welcome to an Easter tablescape blog hop! Today I am sharing my interpretation of a cottage style tablescscape using a variety of bunnies, plenty of gingham and a bountiful centerpiece. This is a casual setting which is perfect for an Easter Luncheon. As much as I would have enjoyed preparing this table outdoors our weather is still quite chilly so there won't be a picnic on our patio for awhile. Although I am quite certain that we will be seeing some lovley outdoor tablescapes today and I can't wait! 

ModPodge Easter Eggs Three Ways

Good Afternoon and Welcome to At Home With Jemma. Today I am super, super excited to share with you a creative, easy, fun and beautiful way to Modpodge Easter Eggs Three Ways! You will find the complete supply list right here, as well as on Facebook at Craft and Chat Live and on IGTV.

National Craft Month| Wooden Ampersand With Handmade Paper Flowers

Hey crafty homemakers did you know that March is NATIONAL CRAFTING MONTH ? I am sort of late to the party but I suppose with everything that is going on in our world it's better to be late than never. My thoughts are that staying connected in one way or another is the best therapy for us all. Thank goodness for technology! I will be using technology today to go LIVE with a tutorial on Facebook on how to make a paper flower garden bouquet.   Here is the link

Jemma's Tales| Coronavirus Pandemic & Giving Up Control

Good Morning dear friends I hope this finds you safe, well and staying at home. I am wondering how you are coping with our worldwide community roller coaster ride? Personally I feel as though I am sitting on a spinning top that won’t stop and my first line of action is to jump off…a fight or flight response, I suppose. Just like you I have been hit smack in the face with the realization there is no where to jump off to. I have lost control , but did I ever really have it and was it really mine to ever have?    

Growing Zinnias For The Home And Garden|Gardening Series 3

Thank you for joining me today for our Home and Gardening Series 3. Today we are going to explore the power of putting the Zinnia to work in our flower gardens!  Zinnias are terrific cut flowers for our homes, garden, farmers market, market gardening or a roadside self-serve stand.

At Home With Jemma| The King Cake A Mardi Gras Confection and a Mardi Gras Inspired Bouquet

Hi friends! I have a little question to begin our day with today, would you agree with me that every party needs to a have cake and a bouquet of flowers? I'd love to know your thoughts, so please drop me a note in the comment section. Moving right along now, it is Mardi Gras! Whoop, whoop! It is time for the one and only King Cake  to make it's annual debut, it is the best confection to serve for the biggest party that is held every year in the  French Quarter. Don't have the time to make one...just click on the link above and have one delivered to your front door.

At Home With Jemma|Growing French Hydrangeas For The Home and Garden|Gardening Series 2

Well here we are friends, it is Valentine's Day 2020 and I am wondering how you will be celebrating this day of whimsy, appreciation, love and flowers? I thought that since it was Valentine's Day and with Spring being just around the corner it might be the right time to explore the stunning and timeless French  Hydrangea for our homes and gardens. Just a little reminder, I am writing these garden posts for all garden levels and regions. In some regions the French Hydrangea will be a perennial and in others it will be an  annual .

At Home With Jemma|Valentine Tiered Tray Styling Tips For All Homemakers

Happy Valentine's Week Dear Friends and new subscribers, thank you so much for joining me! Today I am sharing my pink Valentine Tiered Tray Vignette on our Dining room table. I am sort of obsessed with a tiered tray. They are consistently an awesome and multi-use decorating accessory for me and you and all Homemakers. Tiered trays will fit the bill and budget for all of our varying decor styles, a tiered tray becomes whatever you want it to be!

Homemade Valentine Fun for Every Homemaker

Friends, the month of Love has arrived and just in the nick of time too! Truly, if January had had one more day in it I would have jumped off of a snowdrift!   I was just done with the lingering moments of the Holidays. So, in celebration of February, longer days, more sunshine, family Birthday's and cupids love I am sharing some easy homemade Valentine fun for every homemaker. Five simple ways to add just the right amount of Valentine Love to your home and mine!  😊 How to dress up your Valentine Table using flowers and Art Work

Growing Carnations For The Home and Garden|Gardening Series 1

Welcome to my new Gardening Tales Series. Every other week we will explore the many opportunities of gardening. This gardening series is not region specific, so hopefully there will be something for everyone! Today we are going to discover the simplicity and beauty of Carnations for the home and garden and also how to grow our own!