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Modern Cottage Pink, Gold and White New Year's Tablescape

Good Morning Friends and thank you oodles for dropping by😊. Can you believe that we are on the brink of a new year; I am looking forward to all of the new opportunities and experiences that await each one of us. In anticipation and celebration of 2020, I have prepared a Modern Cottage Pink, White and Gold New Year’s table in our breakfast nook and added a pop of red for good luck! 

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Homemade Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup

Greetings Homemakers, Bakers, Crafters and Soup Makers!
It is officially Winter, so whether you are in the Low country or in the High Country, Winter means it is soup and stew season. Goodness, gracious do I have a recipe to share with you. If you like chicken and gnocchi well then, this Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup is perfect for you!

(Copy Cat Olive Garden Soup) is from one of my all-time favorite food bloggers Cooking Classy. So whether you are searching for a main dish, dessert or appetizer, I encourage you to visit Cooking Classy. Jaclyn's recipes are always successful and tasty too.

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Handmade Snow Globe Mason Jars

Hello and Welcome Sweet Friends!
In this Christmas crafting post you will find colorful photos and easy instructions on how to make a sweet home-style snow-globe mason jar and as a added bonus a homemade peanut cluster recipe too! I want you to have this information for this weekend, just in case you were need of one last hand-made gift.  I recently made these nifty DIY Snow-globe mason jars for our Bunco group, neighbors, friends and naturally my hairstylist. I may have even put more candy in my hairstylist candy jar (shhhh…) I feel as though you understand 😊 I’ll say no more.

DIY, Snowglobe, Mason, Jars, Handmade, Homemade

A Farm Tale For A Gentle Christmas

December 16, 2019

Hello Dear Friends, how is the month of December treating you, I do hope very gently, tenderly and that you aren’t under too much stress.
The Holidays are often a roller coaster ride of emotion, both good and not so good.
My hope for you today is that you will sit back, relax and enjoy this Farmhouse Tale and a few photos of our 2019 Colorado Christmas Home.

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Holiday Homemaking Tips and Creating A Family Friendly Charcuterie Board

Hi Friends! Today Dave and I are just driving home after finishing up our marathon 3000 mile plus drive from Colorado to North Carolina and then on to Mississippi. Whew...we are tired!
We so enjoyed our Southern family time so very much! So today, I am wondering what you are all up to? Finishing up decorating, Christmas shopping... All of this wondering has lead me to this blog post. I thought I'd share with you a few tips on Homemaking. These tips truly do help to simplify the Holiday season. Today I am also adding a little DIY  Family Friendly charcuterie board!

snacks, finger food, appetizer, kid friendly, athomewithjemma
Charcuterie Board includes olives, nuts, cheese, crackers, pickles, meats and jams.

Make It Yourself Swag Project

Calling all Homemakers and Crafters! It is that time of the year to fluff our homes and bake and craft to our hearts content. So today I am sharing an easy Make It Yourself Swag Project. This project is perfect for mantles, Christmas Trees, Headboards, Footboards, Armoires, Kitchens and just about any place you would like to add a splash of colors.

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My First Year Of Growing Dahlia's In Colorado

Hello and Welcome!
Today is August 22, 2019 and today is the very first entry into my Gardening Journal. Today I am beginning with a broad overview of Dahlia's including some notes at the end of this post of my first year of gardening in Colorado. During the course of the upcoming year I will include my experiences, observations, notes, successes, losses, recommendations, and the model of my small but semi-prolific Flower Farm. I am gardening at an elevation of 7,369 feet. There are a variety of challenges at this altitude.

Lavender, sunflowers, daisies, dahlias, baby's breath, bouquet
                               Fresh Garden Bouquet From My Raised Garden Beds August 2019

The Joy Of Flowers

Hello Folks! We haven't chatted in awhile and I am really wondering how everyone is doing... so how about we get this conversation going and chat about flowers. Flowers are like the universal love language, right?
So let's share the love. Oh these "love" flowers might be one's that we grow, paper flowers which we make, embroidered flowers that are stitched, purchased flowers from our favorite Farmer's Market, or a field of flowers where we picked our own bouquet, or hey even those flowers which we dream about.

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     From my Mountain garden: Sunflowers, Delphiniums, David Austin Roses.                                               

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Good Morning Family, Friends and DIY'ers! The time has come for me to share my DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeover in our Colorado home.
It is a process that cannot be rushed and patience along with a sturdy back, hands and arms are required. I still have about eight more cabinets to do.
I will be sharing before and after photos of our Kitchen cabinets along with a supply list and the real facts on how I successfully stripped, sanded, and painted our builder grade Oak cabinets.
his type of project is perfect for those months that require an individual to be indoors more than outdoors.
So without further delay let's proceed!

sandpaper, paint, diy, white, paint, stripper, cottage, country, home, kitchen

I have always loved a white Kitchen!
 Many of you will remember our white gourmet Kitchen in Rockwall, Texas. My Texas Kitchen was a dream Kitchen which my husband and I designed.
 So with that same design in mind, we are ever so slowly creating an abbreviated version of that dream white Kitchen right here in our Colorado Cottage Home.

kitchen, country, cottage, farmhouse, custom, build, sink, white, cabinets

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here we go!

Tutorial, kitchen, cabinet, makeover, paint, wood, sandpaper,

As you can see this Kitchen needs some real love and a gas line for a gas range...once you have cooked with gas figuring out the low, high and medium of an electric range is a tad bit daunting and then just imagine adding high altitude!
I need Julia Childs!

sandpaper, sander, wood, stripper, paint, DIY, makoever, Tutorial, Kitchen, Cabinets

rubber, gloves, steel,  wool, metal, bucket, putty knife, paint, brush, paint


1. Rubber gloves 7. Sand Paper (100 grit) 2. Painter plastic drop cloths 8. Steel Wool 3. Paper Towels 9. Metal Bucket 4. Newspaper 10. Putty Knife 5. Paint Brushes 11. Screw Driver ( Or drill with attachment) 6. Wire Brush 12. Klean- Strip 1 gal. Sprayable Stripper 13. Kiltz 14. White Enamel or Semi-gloss Paint 15. 4 inch sponge rollers and roller (2 packages of rollers)

paint, kitchen, cabinets, diy, makeover, white, oak, outdated, update

Directions For DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeover:

When doing this project please make sure you are in a well ventilated space.
I used our garage and an old work table.
The fumes from the stripper are quite strong and truly this a messy project!
Wear tattered clothing, worn out shoes and an old apron and please, please don't forget those safety goggles and rubber gloves.
Once the stripper begins working it sort of bubbles as all of that old varnish and stain begin to loosen, sort of looks like an ooey gooey version of a praline.

Using a screwdriver or drill with the appropriate bit remove all of the drawers and doors and pulls from Kitchen cabinets.
Spread a drop cloth on top of a work table then place the cabinet doors and drawers that you will be working on top of the drop cloth.

Put on rubber gloves then spray or paint a generous amount of stripper onto the face of the cabinet door or drawers. I worked on bundles of 3-4 at a time.
Wait 15- 20 minutes and then scrape off the softened lacquer with a putty knife, starting at the top and scraping down. Let the gel finish fall onto the drop cloth.
Repeat process until all the goo is removed. Wipe down the doors with paper towels.

diy, paint, sand, kitchen, white, oak,

Sand all surfaces with 100-grit sandpaper.
 If the cabinet has integrated profiled moldings, use a wire brush to get into the nooks and crannies. Re-sand the cabinets with 100-grit sandpaper.
Sand parallel to the grain on all surfaces until the wood has a consistent look.
I took my cabinet doors and drawers into our guest bathroom and gave them a good washing in the bathtub.
 I didn't soak them, just cleaned them up real good and then set them down to dry.

oak, white, cabinet, makeover, diy, tutorial, update, kitchen,

I let them dry about 3 hours and then applied my first coat of Kiltz.
I always let my paint dry longer than recommended because I just don't want any chips or honestly ever have to repaint these cabinets EVER again.
Once was enough for me!

preparing, oak, kitchen, cabinets, paint, stain, sand, strip,DIY, makeover

Once the Kiltz had dried I applied my first coat of Behr semi-gloss white paint.
I let it dry overnight and then applied the second the coat in the morning.
I waited 24 hours before installing the doors, drawers and pulls.

homemaker, paint, diy, stain, update, remodel, makeover, kitchen, cabinets

Would I do it all over again...the teetering on ladders, the smelling of toxic fumes, the contortions, the sore back and the exhaustion??

Well of course! I saved us $20,000 dollars in new cabinets and the project took about one month.
This was not one of those enjoyable DIY projects...
But I sure do have a sense of satisfaction and maybe a little backache combined
with a whole lot of joy.

Thanks so much for stopping by! XOXO

Postcard From Jemma

Hello Folks, It's been awhile since we chatted and I hope this finds you all well. Today I am sending you postcards from Colorado, Texas and Puerto Rico from my new blog layout on Blogger! I am thrilled to have migrated from WordPress to blogger with the professional, kind and smart know-how of Rebekah Samuel( Lady Gadget, and her worker bee Team.) A BIG thank you goes out to Rebekah and Cyball for this extensive transformation. Now that I am back in my comfort zone on blogger my intention is to be writing more frequently and sharing my gardening, real estate, cooking, traveling and DIY projects with you all.

Winter in Colorado is nearly a distant memory while Spring is inviting us to enjoy warm weather and patio dining. I had forgotten that Spring in the West arrives like a tired locomotive laboring up a steep, so slowly. I have actually worn shorts one day and a parka the next, naughty Colorado teasing us all like this!

I am wondering what you have all been up to and if your weather is as up and down as ours. My friend (Sandy) told me that her Father believes that Planet Earth has moved ever so slightly off of her axis and that is why the weather seems to have gone bonkers in so many regions of our beautiful country...what do you think?

I have made a couple of trips to see my daughters, son and my grands since we last visited and naturally it did my heart good. There is nothing in this world as sweet and wonderful as a good dose of family time. Family is the elixr of life!

Living in the Springs, Denver area gives me easy access to two airports, so there are many flights and reasonable fares available and that makes traveling so much easier.

Our family is expanding, the grands are growing and I am sliding into the realm of living my best life as a 60 year old, well actually 62.

I have to say that 60 has caught me off guard a bit, 50 was no biggie, but this decade just feels different. I feel as though there is a disconnect to the woman I see in the mirror and the soul of the woman that lives in this 60 year old framework. One of the many physical changes that drives me mad is my hair. If you've been reading At Home With Jemma for awhile you know that my hair color has gone from brown, to blonde to white. Well,here I am again, having gone full circle back to white/blonde again...the struggle is real my friends.

Seems I want to grab more of each moment in each day and never let it go and live it more intentionally than ever before. Loving the philosophy of this gal; Brene Brown. Are you familiar with her? “Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” ~ Brene Brown

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.” ~ Brene Brown

“The willingness to show up changes us, It makes us a little braver each time.” ~ Brene Brown

“To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” ~ Brene Brown

Up next I will be sharing the beginning of our Kitchen makeover and some useful and practical tips on how to take stained cabinets to white.

xoxox Jemma

Beaver Creek Mountain Village

I made a mountain journey this past weekend to Beaver Creek Mountain Village where I met up with my son, his wife and three grandchildren. Beaver Creek Mountain Village is sweetly nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

When Colorado sought to host the 1976 Winter Olympics, Beaver Creek development was part of its successful bid in May 1970

The drive from our home is an easy 3 hour drive. I took highway 25 onto 470 West and intersected with 70 West which took me right into the middle of the glorious Rocky Mountains. The views were amazing and I popped open the sunroof (20 degrees) revved up the heater and the music too. Carole King was my radio companion for most of the way.

The Aspen Tree has always been a favorite of mine, any time of the year.

Beaver Creek ski area operates on National Forest System lands under special use permit to the White River National Forest. The 30-year permit assigns a portion of the bundle of rights associated with land ownership to the permit holder. All lifts, ski trails, and facilities must be approved by the Forest Service in advance prior to construction.

Winter snow storms move in quickly and move out just as fast!

My family treated me to a sleigh ride and dinner at Allie’s Cabin.

Sun-drenched days with mountain snows are some of my favorite way to spend Winter days. Of course family time makes it all the more fun!

Who can resist a Moose with flowers in her hair!

Tiny Tots who were in ski school.

Beaver Creek Resort has great customer service, friendly staff, good food, great music and well groomed slopes. Plenty of after skiing activities for children and adults too, and of course that warm chocolate chip cookie we had every day sure was good!

What better way to welcome the First Day of Spring than with a beautiful mix of flowers and snow!

Happy Spring Friends!



Welcome March!

Welcome family, friends and March to At Home With Jemma. March arrived in Colorado like a Lamb and then quickly turned on a dime and became a roaring lion. I am discovering that I enjoy Mother's Natures weather games, because no matter how much snow we get the sun spreads her golden beams of sunshine through the frosty Ponderosa Pine branches.

Sadie and I Walk

Sadie and I walk pretty much everyday and she loves, loves the frosty snow and it seems I pretty much to do. She's my sweet Golden and I love her.

Sadie May 15 Months

Jack Frost

Jack Frost works his magic on puddles of melted snow and the crunch of the ice as it snaps and crackles often times makes Sadie jump an inch or two or more... It seems to us that Sadie thinks she is a Kangaroo these days and we have now nicknamed her Roo.

Early signs of Spring

Among the Pines and Sun

It is the long walks with Sadie among the pines and sun that center us both.

Happiness Is Also Creating

Walks, Crafting and Studying

Embracing Winter

So, I found this Spider Plant at our local King Soopers. King Soopers is the Colorado version of Kroger in Texas, so I feel right at home shopping:)

Pink Depression Glass & A Romantic Table For Two

On this particular day we had strong winds that were coming over the Rocky Mountain Range and it was about 25 degrees out. I did hesitate before purchasing this gorgeous beauty of houseplant, but when a plant calls you-you have to accept the invitation. Anyways, the gal in the Floral department wrapped her all up for me in heavy plastic and as you can see she's doing very well. Natural Rattan Plant stand came from Target-I am loving their Rattan selection. (Reminds me of my youth)

Wreaths are my Thing...

Wreath From Home Goods

So, I made a wreath and found one too! Our Home Goods, Hobby Lobby and Target are well stocked, neat and tidy and an easy driving distance. I usually take 83 wherever I go because of the Mountain views.

Tulips In The Great Room And Reading

I love fresh flowers and especially tulips this time of the year. I usually treat myself to a bouquet every single week and always choose the $10.00 or under bouquet, they brighten up any room and also my spirits if they are running low.

I shared a previous post how to care for fresh cut tulips right here.

I have a couple of reading recommendations for you if you like thrillers and aren't scared of the

My Husband's Wife and Blood Sisters both by Jane Corry.

Until next time...wishes for you to have a great week!