Run With Passion

I am truly delighted to tell you this! During the month of January, some very talented and articulate bloggers will be sharing their own personal stories on living a life with passion. These are five women who take passion and run with it.  Dewena, Jan, Honora, Nancy and Linda  Passion, Purpose and Productivity  A little bit about the project... This project is comprised of women who are committed to living their lives, with intent, awareness, presence, and vitality. We are here to support and nurture one another, in this wonderful, messy journey we all share - known as life. So, no matter your age or lifestyle, we welcome you.       Today I welcome   Dewena's Window .          .    It is a joy to know Dewena, she is such a vivacious, and inspiring writer. I met her a little over a year ago when she and I and a few other bloggers did a Christmas Tour of our homes.   Dewena has charm, class, and personality. After reading Dewena's post your are going to be so inspired. Passion

Baby's Breath In My Window

My window, where I watch a bit of life pass by. I add some Baby's Breath, and the glow of a candle or two. The day is done and the darkness falls like a downy feather from a lonesome bird in flight. I see a few warm gleaming lights of kindly neighbors through the rain and mist. Candles flicker, and then burn bright. Wishing you all a peaceful and cozy night. xoxoxoxoxo Please Join Me~ French Country Cottage Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson Dwellings

DIY Copycat MacKenzie-Childs

This is the year for me to start a little collection of  MacKenzie-Childs  handmade ceramics  but until I do, I did a little copycat DIY of my own.  I have been having fun tinkering away with bandanas, modge podge and my small collection of saved pickle jars, jelly jars, salsa jars, olive jars... I have turned these mismatched misfits into decorative pieces for our home,and here is how you do it... Time from start to finish about 3 hours, with labels soaked off prior to beginning project. This is what you will need~ 1. Various size jars, with labels removed.  ( labels need to be removed or they will show through the fabric) 2.  Bandanas or fabric of choice. 3.  Modge Podge, 4.  Gold paint. 5.  Paint brush. 6.  Scissors. Directions, here we go- easy peasy. 1. Roughly measure fabric and cut to fit jars-don't overlap fabric, as you can see in this picture it will show through. 2.  Cover jar in modge podge with paint brush. 3.  Press fabric onto jar and apply more modge podge over fabr

Passion To Decorate With Flowers

I have received many lovely emails, and thoughtful comments from my last post Aging With Style  , where many of  you were kind enough and open enough to share how living a life with passion makes all the difference for you in your life. It was a joy for me to hear from you and we are going to keep the momentum going. Several Ladies during the course of the month will be sharing posts on their passions and the positive changes it makes in their daily living. If you would like to share your story, please let me know. So, today I am sharing with you one of my passions - flowers. Our home was beginning to feel so bare after all of Christmas was taken down and stowed away. This is when I began to eye my little   Greenhouse  which has many of my beloved and cherished plants and flowers carefully placed and tucked inside her little plexiglass walls. I have come to know myself and, know that January will always be a letdown for me. All of the months leading up to Christmas are joyful, filled

Aging With Style

Have you, or anyone you know made this comment- " I don't want to get old." I am pretty sure I have and I remember my Mom, husband, friends, children saying this to me  ... the list goes on. There are not many ways out of this deal, and honestly we are all pretty much in the same boat, whether we are twenty or a centenarian. All of us are at different stages of aging, with so much positivity to be found in this remarkable process of life. And truly would any one of us want to be sixteen, eighteen or twenty one again? Not me-no way... (Well, except for the fact we were so cute and looked sooo good in our jeans!) So, I really think and really want to Age With Style, I really do. Do you? And I am not talking about the boots, jackets and hairstyle. I am talking about navigating the journey and,  all of us are navigating together. So, I have created a little three step journey into the Process Of Aging With Style. I am going to outline it here and then I would like to see what

New Years Table & Wish

Happy New Years Dear Friends! I have been thinking of you all and wondering how you are doing~ I hope you had a very blessed and joyous Christmas. Our Christmas was full of little ones, a few surprises and this gorgeous blooming Amaryllis! I posted a tutorial about six weeks ago on   Growing Amaryllis , so hop on over and see for yourself how fast these bulbs sprout- With such gorgeous, massive bright pink blooms, I am using this Amaryllis as the center piece for my New Years Day Table. My theme is cherishing the old and embracing the new. I wanted to use a table runner not a tablecloth and really did not have one for this particular table setting. Luckily enough, I had this gorgeous fabric which I ordered awhile ago. I have been so wanting to use it somewhere. So,  I went ahead and made this simple  no sew table runner  . I am just beginning to take down the Christmas decorations, and I am actually glad that I didn't make much progress, because I am using some of them for this New