Greenhouse Tales

As the blustery wind blew and gray skies filled the paragraphs of life, a little  greenhouse arrived and was assembled efficiently and carefully.  You might  remember her from early Spring. She housed a variety of tiny fragile seeds, a mix and match of squash, radish and even the seeds of of hope that I planted along side of them all. Spring, so unpredictable...full of tantrums much like those of a merging toddler, and yet really of no consequence at all, especially when the tiny seeds are growing inside a warm and nurturing greenhouse. And in the dawn of each new day, weather permitting, the fragile seeds which now had grown into miniature forms of who they would grow up to be,  were allowed to have the door of the greenhouse opened. The fresh breezes of Spring,  with just a hint of Summer time  coaxed  and prodded each plant to grow a bit more each day. And then just as magically as they had sprouted, they began to tolerate  the process of "hardening-off." As the warm Texas

Heaven Is For Real

My Mother In Law went to be with our Heavenly Father one month ago. I miss her, I miss her laugh, I miss her joy,  I miss her support, I miss her  voice.  So, now, two of the most  loveliest  Ladies I have ever known are  angels in Heaven- my own Mother and Mama Chris. And with her passing feelings of loss over my own Mother returned  and unexpectedly I felt frozen inside.   My words left me. Both of these caring, loving devoted Mothers lived full and abundant lives, but they have left- moved on, if you will, and sort of left the rest of us behind. So what to do, when physically loving on them is over... When sending a card, making a call, visiting on the phone, visiting in person and hugging them tightly is over for us... Well for me, it is knowing that Heaven Is For Real. You know, that I really do know this, but my sadness got in the way of  remembering - that this is really true . Then, a sweet little miracle happened, because you do know that miracles come in all shapes and si

Vintage Easter Vignette

It is Easter weekend and I have been creating, decorating and leafing through cookbooks for a perfect lemon dessert, I think I have found one and if it turns  out as good as it looks, I will be sharing it next week. But for now, it is a simple Vintage Easter Vignette. A few beloved treasures from daughters and my Mother make this vignette very special to me. This little brass birdcage is 33 years old, my Mother gave it to me when she  came to visit me in Hawaii.  The Grandchildren love it, there is a tiny bird  inside sitting on a swing their little fingers adeptly and nimbly push the swing. I love watching their angelic faces as they giggle with pure delight. These two wooden bunny nutcrackers keep checking their time pieces to see if Easter has arrived yet.  They are very anxious to deliver Easter baskets... And of course this Easter Bunny is named Early-years ago we had a storybook about a bunny who waited for the most treasured egg of Easter, and it was green.   Since this was a fa

Maundy Thursday-Inspirational

Since I have a wretched cold and cough I was unable to sleep past four this morning, so I stumbled out of the bed, grabbed my cozy green "Grandma,"  sweater and huddled on the sofa thinking how rotten I felt.   Sort of feeling that sorry for myself type thing, you know that feeling...  My mind wandered as the coffee pot heaved and steamed away and then I  remembered what today was. Maundy Thursday and I stopped feeling sorry for myself. Today is  also known as Holy Thursday and commemorates   the Last Supper when Jesus shared the Passover meal with his disciples on  the night before he was crucified. Tonight was the night that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, before the Passover meal, as a lowly act of service to show the extent of his love. Knowing that he would be betrayed and hung on the cross. I have pretty much stayed away from writing about my Faith, I haven't wanted to offend anyone with my beliefs,  but I have things in my heart to share.  My Faith is wha

Easter Centerpiece

After visiting Callaway Gardens I came home  inspired! Well, honestly how could I not-right? So, while the inspiration was fresh, I seized the moment. I decided to create this vibrant Easter centerpiece. There is nothing shy about the  flamboyant  colors I used, but my goal was to bring the passion and vitality of Easter and Spring into our dining room. If Mother Nature can douse her landscape with intense Spring color, then certainly I can add a touch of that to our home as well. As you can see this room receives an extra dose of sunshine with tall Southern exposure windows,  so I really feel as though the room has a tendency to become washed out. Just another reason to add a hardy dose of vibrant and rich color in a Spring centerpiece. If you look real hard you might see some butterflies whimsically soaring around the centerpiece and a few pink glitter Easter Eggs- Perhaps a bunny or two has joined in on the festivities. You know,  I love adding a little playfulness  to just about e

Georgia In Springtime

Oh my, I just had the very best time in Georgia last week, so much fresh air,  sunshine, family time, Wyatt time. Some lovely day trips spent with some of my very  favorite people one of  my dear daughters and my little grandson. Is there anything more precious than family... Do you spy our Little guy Wyatt here? He moves very fast and he really isn't into photo shoots of any kind! He is a perfect blend of thinker and mover. And naturally smelling, touching and enjoying flowers... I was thrilled when Amanda told me she had a day trip planned to Callaway Gardens , a  gorgeous 6,500 acre resort complex  located in Pine Mountain Georgia. I felt as though I had stepped through a secret door into this  pristine , magical and glorious blend of lakes, hills and flowers.  We rented bikes and toured the park on them-so much fun! First Stop the Butterfly Garden. One word amazing-  We saw butterflies in all stages and even emerging from their chrysalis. These butterflies have a good life