Spring Musings

Will you join me for a stroll on a sunny day in February? I planted these tender pansies last Fall, and now as the winter sun warms our Texas soil, their blossoms brighten my days. Happy little dianthus return year after year with magenta blossoms.  I think I am going to buy a dress this color!  Wouldn't that be so pretty?? Vintage tin hearts beckon to be used, I am baking this weekend-wait till you see the treat that I will be serving at our Valentine dinner party! Plenty of sunshine warms my breakfast nook, this wonderful spot is perfect for decorating Valentine cakes! Love notes received...from a secret admirer... Thinking of Spring, love and baking, and wishing you a great weekend! Linking up with    LITTLE RED HOUSE

Inspirational Thursday-Family

What would we do without them?  Who would love us as they do?   Who would forgive and forget as no other?  Our Family. Who can bring us delight and frustration,  all in the same second,  our  Family. They are the very essence of our lives. They are our Family. They are the people who we can't wait to call when something goes  wrong or right-they will laugh with us cry with us and love us. They are our Family. As my dear Mother would say " Family loves' you warts and all." My Mother was my family and I was hers. Family is the cream in our coffee, Family is the salt in our soup! We are thankful we have one another-life is bumpy, life is full of  surprises, friends come and go but Family,  is well Family. Oh, we have our share of this and that, we certainly are far from  perfect.  But we are a bit like the Three Musketeers-"One for all  and all for one."  We are Family! Family- I am so thankful for my family, I am thankful for my  husband who keeps us safe

Choosing a Rug-It's Here!

Friday finally arrived, I went to work, came home, rushed to the front door and there it was... My first thought was-it is really small!  I had built the thought of a new rug up really big in mind...hum Grabbing my scissors, I rapidly cut open the heavy plastic wrapping from the rug and rug pad.  First I placed the rug width wise.  That was definitely a no!  So I decided on vertical. I really like this rug.  It is really quite perfect in every sense of the word-it just is not perfect as a foyer rug!  The wool is dense, thick almost like velvet, and that is the problem it is too thick for an foyer rug!   You know how I measured, thought, wondered and waited..  Well, apparently I should have ordered the swatch, they were $25 and if you returned the swatch within thirty days you would be issued a $25 merchandise credit.  Isn't this just something else.. This lovely wool rug has certainly warmed up our home, added just the spark that our foyer needed.  It accents without being overwhel

Avocado and Egg Salad Sandwich

Don't you just get a bit tired of the same old sandwich?  Well if you do my daughter and I created this healthy and colorful sandwich to  share!   Did you know that the Avocado is such a healthy substitute for mayo?   Healthy and Interesting Facts about the Avocado They are rich in potassium High in vitamin k (helps protect our bones) Rich in magnesium, calcium and iron Good Fat 90 % of the Hass Avocado are grown in California I am crazy over avocados!  They are just so perfect!  Not watery, or mushy just perfectly firm and dense-you are going to love this sandwich!  My home is Texas-so I like my avocado and egg salad sandwich spiced up a tad!   Avocado and Egg Salad Sandwich Ingredients: Make 2 generous sandwiches 1 ripe avocado- cubed 2 hard boiled eggs, cooled and cubed 1 tablespoon vidallia sweet onion finely diced 1/8 cup blue cheese/feta 2 teaspoon Salsa Picante hot sauce  salt and pepper to taste It is the eggs, and avocado that are the basis

Molly's Wreath-DIY Welcome Baby Girl Wreath

In honor of  the birth of Molly, I am making a wreath that we will hang on Rebecca's and Molly's hospital room door-they will take it home with them and add this wreath as an accent to Molly's room! My sweet daughter Rebecca and her dear husband Josh are going to have a little baby girl in 2 weeks!  Her name will be Molly Emma Wheeler- DIY Welcome Baby Girl Wreath Supplies needed: 1. 12 inch by 30.5 inch straw wreath form. 2.1/2 yard champagne tint burlap 3.5/8 inch pink ribbon with baby footprints 4 1 roll of 6 inch pink tulle  5.1 1/2 inch Pink satin ribbon 6.Florist wire 7.Florist clippers 8.Hot glue gun and glue sticks 9.White mini roses 10.Art Minds Letters 11.Mini chalk board 12.Chalk  A lot of love!!-Which I have to give! Step 1:  12 inch by 30.5 inch straw wreath form wrapped in 5 inch by 46 inch strips of champagne tint burlap- I secured each strip with hot glue. Step 2:  After straw wreath is wrapped and secured- wrap with pink ribbon with foot prints.  Hot glue t

Choosing a Rug

So, I began the search for a entry rug.  I already knew the color  and the size, no worries here! What  I thought was going to be a  simple and pleasurable task became a search for not only a rug  but  the perfect rug!  Tell me how does this happen?? So, six months ago we replaced our worn hard floors for hand  scraped solid hardwood floors.  As you can see we chose a very  dark and rich stain. I am crazy over them even if they do show lint! Our entry was a little cold and bare.  You already know that I  prefer to let things set a bit before I purchase.  I am just not in the  "rush," that I was in when I was younger.  I can wait and I have  learned the value in waiting. http://www.homegoods.com/rugs/ Ok, I did my due diligence.  I have looked, read, compared on-line  and memorized decorating magazines to find this very special rug.  My oh my, was I in for a real education... You see, I quickly found out that not all rugs are created equal.  Even the same classification of a r