7 Easy Ways to Add Americana Decor

I think I may have an Americana decorating obsession right now, and quite frankly I  am not sure why.  I suppose it is partially because the 4th of July is near, that my home seems to have all the  right  shades to incorporate these vibrant  colors and also I am feeling a little nostalgic over  my country. I am thankful for my country and even though it is not quite the country that I grew up with. It is where I was born and raised, where my Mom, Dad and all of my children were born. So naturally I feel so much loyalty to her and how hard she fought to be America. "The land  of  the free and the home of the brave."  Written by Frances Scott Key in 1814. I grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance, singing God Bless America, and I was and still  am proud to call it my home sweet home.   So here we are today with 7 of the easiest ways to add Americana decor to your home. Memorial day and the 4th of July were big Holidays growing up, and they always, always  included a picnic, e

Wedding Day Of My Daughter

It was truly a beautiful day for a wedding, a day where two young families joined hands,  lives, their hearts,  said  their  vows and became one. The garden wedding took place at Pembroke Cottage  in Guthrie Oklahoma on June 16th  at five in the afternoon. If you ever happen to be looking for a wedding venue in Oklahoma, this is one you might  want to consider.  Pembroke cottage is a darling, quaint Bed and Breakfast decorated with vintage pieces,  glorious floral fabric and gentle gardens perfect for picture taking.  The proprietors  Mike and Betty, who live next door to Pembroke, are professional,  knowledgeable and give a tremendous amount of their time to attention and detail. For this June wedding all parents were present as well as Brandon's two daughters Macee  and Preslee and  Rebecca's daughter Molly. It was such a sweet, and beautiful marriage ceremony blessed by God and a bright new  beginning  for  this couple and their families. Life has strange turns and bends so

Show Your Red, White & Blue

Today we are going to add some red, white and blue to either our dining room or kitchen  and we  are going to use the ever popular mason jar. Did you know that the existence of  the mason jar began a very, very long time ago, and  that these popular jars have been  the go-to vessel for many projects for many generations. In fact ,you might be surprised to know that they have been around since the early 1800's.   Not only are they used for canning, although that was their intended use, they are also  used for flower arrangements for many, many folks, which included my Mother. You see, Mom had her "good," canning jars which had no nicks in the top edge of the jar. This was very important because if you had a nick in the jar, you would not get a good seal  when you put the jar lid on and  pressured cooked your veggies, meats or even fruits. You see my friends, if there is not a good seal on those jars you now have a recipe  for   Botulism  food poisoning. So those jars becam

DIY Americana Wreath

Can you believe that the Fourth of July is only a few weeks away? Seriously, the Summer is going to be half way over before we know it. Since this fun and festive Holiday is just around the corner I am going to use this week to  share  a few easy projects and recipes. Loving wreaths the way I do, I thought I'd kick off the week with this  Americana Wreath, it  is   colorful, delightful, showy and ever so simple to make too. I am totally smitten with hydrangeas right now, in fact I think I may have hydrangea fever. (if there is such an illness) Well, Michael's had their floral stems 50 % off so I scooped up these bright and patriotic  faux flowers along with a straw wreath form, all for the grand total of $30.00. I worked out in the flower beds and garden all morning and the humidity just about got the  best of me, so I was really looking forward to this indoor project. A little music, sparkling water and some cherries covered in dove chocolate by my side, got  my creative spark

Fresh Fruit Parfait

What do you do when you have fresh strawberries from the garden? Hmm...make a fresh fruit parfait, of course! It has sort of been a nonsensical weather pattern and my garden has flourished one  moment and then nearly drowned the next,  right now it is baking under the Texas sun. Not to be confused with the Tuscan sun! Our Texas sun is brutal and not a romantic comedy at all, but we sure do love it in the  Winter. Yes indeed, each one of these precious, sweet and juicy strawberries came from my  garden. They are tiny, but they are mighty and you know there is nothing quite as tasty as  something  homegrown. It seems that everyone nowadays calls layered desserts lasagna, but back in the day they  were  called  all sort of things, but never lasagna.   Lasagna back then was made up of noodles, sauce and a variety of cheese concoctions. So my dessert is going to be called a parfait:) This is another one of those desserts that I share from time to time, that is so  fast   and easy  to assemb