Buy it or Leave it ~Reclaimed Finds

It is a happy Friday my friends, by the time you open your eyes from a restful sleep my husband and I  will be out at our home site meeting with the builder. Today is the day that the house begins it's journey of being framed and becoming our home.  Do I hear a round of cheers? I sure hope so, you are all the best. and you have kept my spirits up, and motivated me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you! In preparation for adding some architectural finds to our home, my husband and I have  been shopping in Dallas for some unique pieces. First stop was at Architectural Antiques were we discovered some reclaimed finds from cottages to mansions. I could not resist taking a photo of this Suit of Armor. But, before we pull out the pocket book, I thought I would ask you all what you think of some of these items. First up Suit of Armor-not my style, but would you buy it or leave it?? Wonder how this reclaimed light would look in the Foyer-buy it or leave it? We found quite

Five Tips To Refresh Your Patio & Porch

Today I am sharing our apartment patio,it is an eclectic assortment of finds as 98 % of  our home goods are in storage.   When we first moved here in May, my spirits were high, and I was motivated to garden on the patio.  We even brought quite a few plants with us, the dear movers, bless their hearts, packed these plants up three flights of stairs. I know, it sounds ridiculous now, just please overlook my crazy moments, moving does strange things to a gal. And then, just as we moved in- the wretched rain began, for one full month. The house plans slowed way down...  and I lost interest in my patio garden. I sound a little grumpy don't I...I know I do... I took a good long hard look over this past weekend at our patio. and I was a little shocked  on how I had neglected my garden patio. Right then and there, I said to myself, whoa Lady, you need to get with the program. So come on out with me, I'll turn on the fan and we will have some sparkling water. Have you ever had sparking

DIY~Garden Wreath

Summer time in Texas, where the cicadas sing, and the temperatures rise to 106 degrees. This is our pay back time for having such amazing Winters, and it is painful. It doesn't seem logical that we are housebound in the afternoons when the sky's are blue, and we are clamoring to be outside. We are also apartment dwellers, while our home is being built, and we miss our yard and pool. (I have some great news to share later on in the week about the construction of our French Country Home ) So when life gives you scalding heat, Think crafts. I haven't made a wreath since I made this  Patriotic Summer Wreath . I enjoy designing, and crafting wreaths, and have been doing this for years, and selling a few as well. I have shared several of my designs, and tutorials with you all, and here I am today sharing another one! I have French Country on my mind 24/7 seriously, in the night, in the morning, in my sleep. So anything that I am thinking of purchasing or making is French Country.

Fringe For Fall And Hair Tips

When we sold our home this past May, I cleaned out my closet- big time-and I parted with some  beloved pieces of clothing that I had kept through the decades of my life. I shed some tears over these pieces as I packed them in a box and toted them off to one of our local donation centers. My most favorite 70's leather jacket with a very furry collar, a beaded belt that I wore with hiphuggers, and a  leather fringed purse, were the first items in the box. My favorite pair of hiphuggers were maroon velvet, I know Maroon, but oh they were  wonderful goodness oh soooo cute... I just know in my heart that some adorable 17 year old will be wearing one of these items this season, because they are vintage. Girls,  the 70's Rock and the clothes from that era are back in style whoo hoo! So as I have been reading my Fashion magazines and saw that  fringe is in, I just knew I was going to add some pieces  to my Fall style. I enjoy sharing fashion finds on my blog and on my  Looking Good  

Greenhouse Tales-Hydrangea

I adore Hydrangeas, they are the most delicate of blooms, and add just the right touch of grace and charm to a garden, walk way, terrace or as a flower arrangement displayed in our homes. As we plan our gardens for our new home I have begun to create various inspirational boards and one of them is dedicated to hydrangeas. Oh, and we have two winners for the little fun soap giveaway too- My hubby picked these two names from the white wire basket-Sandie and Sheri.                                                                             Source I am gathering information from many resources and I was surprised that these delicate and yet hardy plants (for some gardeners) bloom from early Spring to late Fall.                                                                           Source The color of the blossoms are affected by the pH,  the more alkaline in the soil the pinker the blooms will be.  Isn't that just so neat?  I think I would like to have pink and blue in my gardens...

Five Walking Essentials

Walking, I enjoy it so much, and it is such a wonderful way to shed pounds, maintain a brighter outlook on life, and help beat those estrogen doldrums, ( at any age.) You know those moods, the lack of energy, the forgetfulness, the dra..ggy feeling of almost needing to have someone pull you through the day, irritability and general "leave me alone," outlook. Well guess what, walking is a pretty simple way to cure many of these feelings. I have chosen some of my personal favorite walking essentials, which I would like to share with you today. First up, a good pair of a walking shoes is a MUST , not an option. Here a few tips on choosing a shoe~ 1. Look for a low supportive heel that is round or beveled. 2. Lightweight and breathable. 3. Go shoe shopping at the end of the day when your foot may be swollen. 4. Try the shoe on both feet (your feet can be different sizes and accommodate the large foot) 5. Wear the socks that you will be wearing when you are walking for a proper