Little Women Christmas Vignette

Each Christmas I try to make one or two projects from scratch. Most of the time they are very simple to make. Sometimes they involve various family members and sometimes they do not. This Christmas I was all on my own, and I really didn't want to spend too much time or money. So, I began the search of finding out exactly what I had in my craft cubbies. Well I found out that Mother Hubbard had pretty bare cupboards. I found these leftover styrofoam balls from last years project  Styrofoam Christmas Ornaments , which I made using hot glue and thumbtacks. So I used them again this year, but switched up the materials and used bias tape, rick-rack and hot glue. I hung a few on a Christmas Tree. And then incorporated the rest of them in to my Vintage Christmas Vignette. My middle daughter mentioned to me that this vignette reminds her of a scene out of the book  Little Women . And so, this vignette has a new name... Little Women Christmas Vignette. Little Women was a favorite book of my

White Christmas Vignette

Such a precious time of the year. So sweet, so inspiring, so tender. It is as though there is an effervescent glow and pure calmness in the heavens. So, I am striving to create Christmas calmness in our home. through various vignettes and centerpieces. Embracing the joy, beauty and gratitude of the season in our hearts and home. I have put together a peaceful White Christmas vignette in our kitchen. Using a few baskets, fresh white tulips from the market, some paper whites and white Christmas trees I created a little vignette on our chippy kitchen table. This table was my parent's dining room table growing up, I have since sanded it and made my own  concoction of paint and glaze to create a well loved appearance. Along with white tulips I have combined a petite porcelain white cake stand, an oval mirror, a few white mini ornaments and one lone reindeer to make my White Christmas vignette dimensional and interesting. These sweet and simple goodies came from one of my Christmas boxes

Christmas Kitchen Window

This is the first year that I have decorated my Kitchen window for the Christmas season. I was hesitant at first, but when I found these twine, and pine cone swags at Michael's I felt I had the inspiration I needed to get started. I knew I wanted white and simple as my focus. So lucky for me I have this gorgeous white coffee filter, which my youngest daughter made for me. Just a simple window with some sweet and simple Christmas decorations. I added this precious Angel from my Mother's Christmas collection. An aged, cracked and interesting terracotta pot. With a pine cone tucked among the moss. I am using candles all about my home this year, and enjoying all types, shapes and sizes. I even found these two flame less battery operated luminaries in a box from ages ago, put some batteries in them and presto they still work! I enjoy the warm afternoon sunlight that filters through these billowy white curtains on sunny days. I am so glad I took the plunge and decorated my Kitchen wi

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I found myself singing-  A few of my favorite things-  from the Sound of Music. I love that movie so much. So, then I started thinking of some of my favorite things and I wanted to share them with you. Mercury glass and red carnations. Pine cones dusted in silver glitter in a white ceramic bread basket. Vintage wooden soda pop crates with Christmas ornaments and bottle brush Christmas Trees. Boxwood, greens, mercury, birds and ornaments in a  Georgia Christmas Homemade Sugar Cookies And  Holiday Bundt Cake , yummy! What are some of your favorite things.... Stay warm and cozy this weekend! xoxoxo

Cranberry Christmas Bread

Would you like to add a little extra joy to your Christmas? Well, you can and you don't even have to leave home...smiles. You just need to get your apron on and make this glorious bread, studded with cranberries and a hint of orange zest. Totally perfect for breakfast or brunch with tea or coffee and Christmas gift giving. So forget the French pastries and go ahead and make Cranberry Christmas bread using either one of these recipes,  basic sweet dough  recipe or   Grammy's Parker House Rolls . Both of these recipes come straight from my own Mother's favorite cook books and I will share this with you- My Mom was a bit of a celebrity in her farming community when it came to her cakes and her bread! So know this,  these recipes are tried and true and will not fail you. Honestly, don't you agree that braided bread is a terrific way to add a festive flair to all of your Holiday meals? Oh and the aroma, is there anything quite as welcoming as fresh bread baking in the oven.

White and Metallic Christmas

About a year ago I did a little post on  adding shine with metallics , I enjoyed the glow of mixing white, gold and silver so much in January, that I decided to use this theme in my family room and Kitchen for Christmas 2014! I keep tweaking the look, adding and taking away. Along the way of decorating for Christmas, I received an e-mail from Liz from Hometalk, asking me if I would like to curate a board on  DIY Metallic decorations for the holidays. Well, of course I said yes! I had the best time, and Liz was a dream to work with, so pop on over and get even more DIY inspiration for all of your holiday decorating.                                                                     Hometalk Since it isn't likely that I will have a white Christmas in Texas, I am creating my own. I just adore the look of a White flocked Christmas Tree and I found these 24 inch trees at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, seems they are a perfect fit on the family room mantle. I am using these White Christmas tr