Easter Centerpiece

After visiting Callaway Gardens I came home  inspired! Well, honestly how could I not-right? So, while the inspiration was fresh, I seized the moment. I decided to create this vibrant Easter centerpiece. There is nothing shy about the  flamboyant  colors I used, but my goal was to bring the passion and vitality of Easter and Spring into our dining room. If Mother Nature can douse her landscape with intense Spring color, then certainly I can add a touch of that to our home as well. As you can see this room receives an extra dose of sunshine with tall Southern exposure windows,  so I really feel as though the room has a tendency to become washed out. Just another reason to add a hardy dose of vibrant and rich color in a Spring centerpiece. If you look real hard you might see some butterflies whimsically soaring around the centerpiece and a few pink glitter Easter Eggs- Perhaps a bunny or two has joined in on the festivities. You know,  I love adding a little playfulness  to just about e

Georgia In Springtime

Oh my, I just had the very best time in Georgia last week, so much fresh air,  sunshine, family time, Wyatt time. Some lovely day trips spent with some of my very  favorite people one of  my dear daughters and my little grandson. Is there anything more precious than family... Do you spy our Little guy Wyatt here? He moves very fast and he really isn't into photo shoots of any kind! He is a perfect blend of thinker and mover. And naturally smelling, touching and enjoying flowers... I was thrilled when Amanda told me she had a day trip planned to Callaway Gardens , a  gorgeous 6,500 acre resort complex  located in Pine Mountain Georgia. I felt as though I had stepped through a secret door into this  pristine , magical and glorious blend of lakes, hills and flowers.  We rented bikes and toured the park on them-so much fun! First Stop the Butterfly Garden. One word amazing-  We saw butterflies in all stages and even emerging from their chrysalis. These butterflies have a good life

Spring Mantle Pantone Honeysuckle

We have been redoing our home for the past four years and it has been a  true labor of love. My husband enjoys replacing baseboards, molding and most anything that  involves a saw and wood. My passion is decorating and for this Spring Season I just sort of went with what inspired me and that is Pantone 2011 color of the year Honeysuckle. I have really been doing my research on these Pantone colors and even  though this was thee color of the year three years ago, it is still an incredible  color to add to your home. Since our French Gray Walls and white molding lend themselves to  incorporating this magnificent, confident and vital color into our family room, I went with it and now I am enjoying it. In the beginning I was hesitant because Honeysuckle seems  quite feminine to  me and in my mind I am saying to myself pink.... Hum... for a family room? But as I slowly began adding and layering this calming and hopeful color into our home I saw the power and affirmation it brought to our m

Easter Terrarium

Terrariums are a wonderful way to garden indoors and one of the most  interesting aspects,  is that you can make them as elaborate or a simple  as  you like. They are even carefree enough and durable enough to encourage participation of all ages.   As the seasons change so can the elements in your terrarium. I am beginning to decorate for Easter, and I wanted to include keepsakes that my Mother and children have given me throughout the years, some of  them are so tiny that this is just the perfect spot to display them. Terrariums can be functional or decorative, if you choose to go the  functional route you will  want to seal the edges of your terrarium with  silicone or invest in a   vinyl liner.   This way you will be able to add dirt directly to the terrarium and plant the plants in the terrarium. For this project I chose decorative and here is how I put it together. Underneath it all is a terracotta saucer where the succulents are sitting.  I left them in small pots so that I can w

Grandma's Vanilla Cake With Cocoa Frosting

If I close my eyes tight enough I can almost taste and smell Grandma's  homemade vanilla cake. Sometimes it had caramel frosting and other times chocolate. You remember those days, when the kitchen was infused with homemade  goodies and all of them from scratch, because that is just how it was. Some say simple, well my oh my, I say heavenly. I made this cake just a week or so ago and it was oh so yummy! With just a few basic ingredients, and a little stirring them all together   you can  be  serving this by dinner time, if it lasts until then, which it probably won't. But I don't really think that is a bad thing, do you? Smiling .... Did I ever tell you about my Momma having a slice of cake or a warm cinnamon roll waiting for me when I got off the school bus? Well, she did, and a glass of milk, then it was time to run outside and  play. We all ate well, loved ferociously and played outside until completely  exhausted.  Winter time included,

Spring Coffee Filter Wreath

This is day five and the last wreath in my little series on a week of Wreaths!  Whoo hoo!   We made it, I bet you you are thinking to yourself, what was this  woman thinking of.... Am I right ?  I was sort of thinking that too. Well, many of my dear friends have asked that very same question and here  is  the answer... It was snowing outside, and it was cold and I just wanted Spring to  hurry up and get here so I made wreaths. But, I did not make them all in one week, so I am crazy but  not that crazy... But, I did not make this wreath... Rebecca made this wreath for me and isn't it just lovely? She made it so full and I adore the crisp white coffee filters she used. This wreath is really perfectly beautiful for every  season. I thought it might be interesting to add a a touch of color to it for Spring, so when I spied these darling little silk flowers at Hobby Lobby, I snapped them up.   You know the time to snap them up is when they are fifty percent off, which they were a few