Valentine Wreath-DIY

I spent last week in Oklahoma sharing in the joy of Molly's first  Birthday, but before I left, I whipped together this Valentine Wreath. The neat thing about this wreath is that you can hot glue or use  thumb tacks when adding the ribbon and hearts, this way you can  easily remove the Valentine theme and keep the wreath up longer to brighten some Winter Days. She is not fancy , She is not schmancy, But she is cute She is fun She can be made in under an hour! Materials Needed for Be Mine Valentine Wreath~ 1- One 20 inch straw form 2- 1/4 yard of red burlap or one roll red burlap ribbon 3- Black chiffon wire ribbon 4- Red Chiffon wire ribbon 5- White grosgrain ribbon 6- Red felt 7- Paper flowers 8- Silver bead embellishments 9- Measuring Tape 10- Glue gun Decide which will be the front of your wreath, that way most of  your gluing won't be visible.   I used red burlap fabric for this wreath then measured and cut the  burlap  into 3 inch strips about 12 inches long-38 ish-strips

Valentine Banana Cake

Do you all ever watch Chopped  on Food Network?   I do and have ever since it's premiere in 2009.   I Love it! Chopped is a cooking competition between four chef's.  Using a basket filled with certain ingredients they must use those ingredients  plus ingenuity, speed,  and skill to create an appetizer, entree and  dessert in a specific amount of time.  Upon completion a panel of  judges will taste their creations and make a decision on who will  win  each round.  One Chef from each category will be Chopped! I created a little Chopped for myself and it was the dessert round. These were the Ingredients in my basket-since this is the recipe I  created I have provided the measurements.  On the show there is not a recipe except the one in your own mind! I sit on the edge of my chair through a good bit of  the competition and find myself yelling out loud- "work faster, not that ingredient..." Of course I always pick the Chef wh

Flowers, Love and Valentine Gift Ideas

I am so glad that you stopped by today and I also have a confession. Valentines Day is one of my favorite Holidays! I have been enjoying reading poems, baking,  taking a few photos  and  doing a little investigating as to what gifts  are available for this  official season of love.  Now that it is all put together I am sharing it all with you! "  A Flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and a man cannot                                        live without love. "                                                                    ~ Max Muller~ Gift Idea Number 1 - Hearts Full Of Love Source Gift Idea Number 2 Gold and Glam Heart locket Source Gift Idea Number 3 For your very best friend Source      "Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."        ~Robert Frost~              "Love is like  dew that falls both on nettles and lilies"                                                           ~Swedish Proverb~                              

Adding Shine With Metallics

I am so glad that gone are the days when mixing vibrant gold and  cool silver were a  decorating taboo.  Marrying  metallics  provides an intriguing  contrast and  texture and they  can be easily incorporated  a little at a  time.  I think we may have known that, don't you? I have added a little shine to our family room mantle and kept it low cost as well.  I painted the  white window frame  which I  used for Thanksgiving gold.   I didn't even sand it down...and while I had the paint out the mason jars got a fresh coat too.   Don't you  think frames are just one of the  simplest ways to  incorporate gold into  a space and depending on the style of the  frame, they can add  some glorious glam. This is one of the spaces in which I incorporated a touch of gold.  I like the suggestion of gold  nestled with white. A little sparkle   during these Winter months is a real  mood booster  as  well.  Metallics are a fun way to add a little drama , and can easily be  done  with pa

Fashion Friday-Pantone 2014

Are you all looking forward to Spring as much as me? I honestly feel as though it has been Winter forever, I am ready to  shed the winter wear and dress for Spring!  This is why I am excited to share  with you Pantone's fashion color report for 2014.                                   A Season Of Equilibrium Are you a fan of light blue- also known as Placid Blue   Well, if you  are, look  at  this glorious  color and dress!  This year is all about balance. Thinking you might be leaning toward green-how about this soft and mild hue of green called  Hemlock .  Pantone 2014 is all about pairing pastels with a bolder hue for an " au courant," look. The names for these colors are just delightful,  Violet Tulip , who  wouldn't feel wonderful in a color with this name.   Romantic ,  wistful and singing Spring. Sand  a lightly toasted neutral combination of calm and  sophistication .   How about adding a little spice and sizzle to your neutral based  outfit with  Cayenne