Decorating With A Pop Of Pink

Now that I have become a fan of adding a pop of pink to my  decorating,  I see adorable accent pieces everywhere I go! You might be surprised to find out where I found these three cute vases and the price I paid for them... I found them in Destin Florida, in a little antique shop that had just the most wonderful goodies ever!  These three little  vases were regularly priced for 11 dollars  each.  Reduced  price for a quick sale-drum roll... please. 3 dollars each!!  Now, is that a bargain, or is that a bargain? We were Blessed with lots of family time, white sugary sand  beaches and colorful skies. A few months back I dried some beautiful red roses and  shared a post with you-  Drying Roses .  These are those same roses clipped shorter. My dried roses and rose vases, seem like a perfect match. Please Join Me At These Parties: Rose Chintz Cottage Elizabeth & Co. The Dedicated House No Minimalist Here

Southern Banana Pudding

We had wonderful food on our trip down South and when we came  home  I felt as though we had to gradually wean ourselves off of all  those  rich  and flavorful foods.  My solution was Banana Pudding! You do know, that banana pudding is best served 2 or 3 days old.   All of  these sweet little vanilla wafers absorb the pudding and whip  cream  filling to turn into a mouthful of heavenly bliss.    Don't you just love the way the pudding layers itself around each of the wafers-Southern Banana Pudding is not only incredibly delicious it is a beautiful dessert to serve. I am happy to report we are back on track with our usual healthy  diet! Please Join Me At These Parties: No Minimalist Here This Gal Cooks Have A Daily Cup Of Mrs. Olson

Inspirational Thursday-New Orleans

Our trip came,  it went, and it was  delightfully memorable.  It could have been  the music that set the  tone for our  travels.  Or it could have been  that we went  with open souls and hearts. Our first stop New Orleans. These musicians were actually  good, we  stopped and listened to  several of  their  tunes.  The man with the washboard  played  very well!  Every  corner and turn beckons to the  traveler, with a different selection of   sumptuous  desserts, coffee, beignets and  seafood  galore - Whatever  your palate desires  you  will not  leave this city hungry. Did I mention that I have a sweet tooth? Yes, Aunt Sally does make the best Praline! Verified and stamped with approval by yours  truly.  Don't you love the method of drying these marvelous confections- Everything is tattered, rusted, bent,  sagging and molded and I love it!  I love  the rich History, the Folklore, the Tales, my imagination runs wild with images of the past.  We walked and walked and walked until I h

Taking a Trip

The husby and I are going on a little road trip. We are leaving  the Texas Sun- We are leaving the Windmills behind... Our journey will take us to New Orleans, Florida and  Mississippi.  I hope - fingers crossed- that I will find not only relaxation, laughter and fun. But some wonderful inspiration to share with all of you. I will be snapping pictures of antique shops, marvelous food, flowers, rivers, and the sea- Please join us on our trip on Instagram. When I get back I hope I will see you here! Have a very, very safe and happy 4th of July- Please Join Me At These Parties: A Rural Journal

Tea Cart Vignette-Love Pink

I really did not see it coming but I have  fallen head over heels in love... With pink! I think it was the pink vintage  lamps which created this spark. Oh, I have found the perfect place for them as well, but that is for a future post. If I  had not found those lamps I would have never considered pink for an accent color other  than a bedroom. And yet, this pink is adding such grace, style, beauty and vibrancy to  our home. I do believe that I have been too rigid in  my  choice of accent colors.  I am just really  ready for a change! I have incorporated vintage vases, chubby  little porcelain vases, vintage crystal and sea shells.  I adore this double decker vintage Tea Cart- Do you know it was a very drab brown rattan  up until a couple of years ago. I painted it this wonderful gold and now  just about everything looks wonderful on it. Of course... wink, wink- PINK! And then, I looked outside and naturally there was  pink in the garden, so in came the little roses, periwinkles and

Stained Cedar Planters - DIY

Loving gardening as I do, I always have a little wish list.  Cedar Planters has been on this list for a just a bit.   I was ever so thrilled when I came home and found these two delightful Cedar planters  waiting for me! I would really like to  be able to provide  you with very detailed and accurate  directions. But this is the best I can do...   Hopefully you are a visual  person and don't really like to read  directions anyway- My husband is the talent behind these  planters. He purchased cedar planks from his favorite store in the entire world.  Directions For Cedar Planters 1.  Measure and cut the cedar planks to  resemble a picket fence.  You could make  these any size you would like. Using a nail  gun or a hammer and nails attach the cut  pieces  together. 2. Insert desired size of plastic flower pot  into  the base created. 3.  Attach wooden dowel. 4.  Add decorative moulding. I wanted them to have a weathered look so I applied a very light coat of white paint.  Over the top