25 September 2016

Gardening In The Fall

Some of the strangest things happen in Texas this time of the year and one of them is that it is time to plant seeds again. 
As long as I have lived here, it always seems so frustrating to me that during the Summer our gardens slow down and then as the temps cool it's time to start all over again.
Oh I get the part about the heat, the lack of water and all of the chemistry sort of details, it's just that seasonally it seems to me illogical not to have a vigorous vegetable garden in the middle of Summer.
Well, there is an upside to this and that is that we can grow a Fall/Winter garden too!

Right now I am still enjoying these amazing zinnias and as you can see so are the butterflies.


I wanted to share with you some drought resistant plants, that I have had great luck with and also you know Fall is a great time to add plants to your landscape.

What to plant that is drought resistant.

Plants do not produce well in the middle of a Hot Texas Summer, except drought tolerant plants.
In fact, most shrubs and plants just survive in our Texas heat-much like I do!
These colorful zinnias all grown from seeds certainly like the heat and have been showy performers all season long.
Hummingbirds and butterflies  have adored them and so have we!
For you gardeners out there I have provided a short list of a few other drought resistant plants.
1.  Sedum
2.  Lavandula Multifida
3.  Salvias or Sages
4.  Japanese Honeysuckle
5.  Glossy Abelia
6.  Verbena
7.  Passion Flowers
8.  Hawthorn
9.  Common flowering Quince
10. Cannas

What to Plant for a Fall and Winter Vegetable Garden
I have "toyed," with planting a Fall/Winter vegetable garden before, but this year I'd like to do a bit more.
So my research has been interesting to me, so it might just be to you too.
There are many benefits to planting a cold weather vegetable garden and it is not just reaping the benefits of the harvest.
Did you know that it is also an excellent method for enhancing the fertility and tilth of your garden.
Actually for those of us who live in warmer climates it is our time to bask in the produce that we can grow.
October is an ideal time to plant greens, broccoli and other cool weather plants.
Interestingly enough several of my friends have commented that their planting zones have changed, so after more research I have found a wonderful tool for you and myself.
It is a interactive map provided by the USDA on plant hardiness and  planting zones
just click on this LINK and you will be taken to their official site.

We have several gardeners in our family and it tickles me so much as I feel as though my farming roots have been passed on to some grandchildren too-I know that would make my Mom and Dad so happy!
One of them is even planting potatoes and that was our main farm crop in Idaho.
Sharing a suggestion list for Fall/Winter gardening crops.



Now that we have our two acres,and the heat is subsiding, I really want to know what zone I was in so I can get to work in my garden.
It seems that in my region of North Texas we live in zone 8a.
If you live in zone 8a like we do, you can grow all of the above plus add the following to your list.

1.Brussels Sprouts


Have a lovely week, here are some flowers from me to you!


Summer is finally drawing to an end in our region of the country and I am looking forward to cooler days, colorful walks and hopefully a little garden that will grow with all it's might in the lazy days of Fall.

Have a lovely day!

Please Join Me~
Botanic BleuJ & JAn Extraordinary DayCedar Hill Farmhouse

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24 September 2016

A Transitional Dress For Fall

I saw on Facebook the other day this saying about Summer in Texas and I thought it was so
We have Summer and then we have Summer 2, you know this Summer heat is relentless.
I so envy all of you who have a colorful and cool Fall.
So while I am waiting for true Fall, I am wearing this comfortable and stylish dress from Glamour Farms.
You know their clothing line is amazing, easy to wash and easy to wear.
fashion, clothing, glamourfarms, athomewithjemma

My life is in transition, I am no longer a young woman, but a woman who is striving to age with style in every sense of the word.
From the way I think, the way I speak, how I choose to age is my choice. 
Aging is much different than it used it to be, we live much longer and remain more active, so if I can find a "look," that suits me, I hope to pass it on to you so you can see what it looks like on a real gal who is doing her best to finding her path in aging with a certain bit of class
and style.

I am also all about comfort and easing style these days, between heat and traveling to see the children and grandchildren I want clothing that I can take out of suitcase or off a hanger and not have to pull out an iron.

Family-hiking-clothing-fashion-discussion on aging-aging with style

The dress that I am wearing today is the Carson watercolor Tunic/Dress in gray.
It can be worn with booties on a cool Fall day.

modeling-aging-style-dress-age- appropriate style

Or dressed up a bit with black sandals or shoes and with a simple gold chain as an added accessory.
A simple A-line dress with hidden pockets that drapes beautifully.
There are endless possibilities for this dress and for me the muted tones are wonderful.
This dress is also proudly made in the U.S.A.


Just a little over a week ago I was hiking along the (PCT) in the Sierras, and feeling so exhilarated and inspired with life. 
If I could live a life near the mountains and hike weekly I think that it would be a excellent way to age with style and of course fitness.
You know that I am an advocate of staying engaged and as active as we are able to.

There is one thing that I love about aging and that is that my thoughts no longer get the best of me.
The figure is waning, but the mind and heart are vigorous and passionate about life more than ever.

I love boots and they are so versatile, the pair that I am wearing today have such a moderate heel and that is perfect for me.
If you are looking for an adorable and moderately priced boot how about adding the
Sasha Ankle Boot to your Fall wardrobe.


To complete the look add the Zen Resin Pedant Necklace.

athomewithjemma-glamour farms-zen-necklace-fashion

Just use this discount code ATHOMEWITHJEMMA222 for $10 off any purchase over $20.
Offer good through 9/19/2016 thru-10/23/ 2016
This post does contain affiliate links.

Each discount code can only be used one time and codes only work on regular priced items-sorry no sale items will be included with this discount code.
Have a safe and fabulous weekend!
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22 September 2016

Thoughts Of Home On Thursday #33

Welcome to Thoughts of Home on Thursday and welcome to the first day of fall!

To celebrate the beginning of fall here at Thoughts of Home, we would like to offer you a copy of the free printable of the autumn graphic above.

Just click on the link below to get your copy!

Autumn Printable 

As your hostess this week, Laura of White Spray Paint would like to invite you to 
join in the fun this week and share your inspiring posts.

Here are last week's features. 


 Pat of Life at Lydia's House does a beautiful job of upholstering a chair. Isn't the chinoiserie fabric lovely?


Of Southern Seazons at the North Ranch created a beautiful fall vignette of fall florals and pumpkins in the perfect tray.

 Marci of Stone Cottage Adventures shares a delicious recipe for Heirloom Tomato Soup which is perfect for fall. She used tomatoes from her garden.


Tracey Lee of Mia Bella Passions shares her love of magnolias and this beautiful
Black Tulip variety. Isn't it unique?


 And I was fascinated with the title of Jocelyn's  post "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie"-taken from the title of a book- on her blog Just a Little Southern Hospitality. Her encouragement to relax as the seasons unfold is an important one.

Now to this week's party.
We ask that you please:
1. Link back to this post or any of the four hosts websites.
Stacey from Poofing The Pillows
Laura of Decor To Adore
Jemma from At Home With Jemma
Laura of White Spray Paint
2. Share up to three of your favorite posts, remembering to not link to advertising or shops.
By linking up you are providing permission that Thoughts of Home on Thursday can feature your post and accompanying photos on future blog posts or other forms of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. A link back to your blog will always be provided.

Thank you so very much for joining us, and we hope to see you each and every week at
Thoughts Of Home On Thursday.


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20 September 2016

DIY Stenciled Fall Jar Candle Holder

Do you enjoy a craft challenge?
If you do I hope that you will stay awhile and also visit these six other bloggers,
listed at the end of this post to see how they took this Fall Jar challenge and created their own Fall decorative jars.
I would like to thank the Jar Store for generously providing us with these
64 oz. Anchor Heritage Hill Glass Jars.


I positively love the versatility of jars, and the endless possibilities that go along with customizing them.Such a perfect time of the year to customize and display them too.

Today I am super happy to share with you how I took this clear glass jar and stenciled it, added twine, metal ribbon and then tossed in a few pine cones along with a mercury votive candle to create this stenciled Fall jar candle holder. 
Then I placed it on a clear cake plate, tucked it into a natural wicker basket, added a few faux pumpkins, autumn leaves and wooden letters too. Sometimes just a little goes along way!

If you have a few hours to spare over the weekend you too can create this Fall Jar Candle holder.



And here are the 7 easy steps and a list of supplies to create your own stenciled DIY Fall jar candle holder.

1.Jar or jars
2.Spool of metal ribbon
3.Twine or jute
5.Acrylic paint
6.Pine cones
7.Votive candle
9.Paint brush

Step 1.  Select your size and style of jar.


Step 1. Working with Metal Ribbon is surprisingly easy and quite simple to fit to the rim of any jar.
Metal ribbon can be cut or bent to any length you like.
I measured first and then bent the metal ribbon for this project,and then tied the two pieces with twine to hold them together on the backside of the jar.


Step 3. After securing metal ribbon, add twine or jute around the metal ribbon and tie it off.


Step 4. When stenciling a jar begin first by taping desired stencil to jar and then apply one to two coats of acrylic paint.
Make certain to allow paint to dry in between applications.



Step 5. Paint knob on lid and wrap in twine.

Tape off knob with painters tape and paint knob. I used two coats of acrylic paint. After paint dries wrap with twine.


Step 6. Add small pine-cones to decorative jar, filling it about 1/2 full.


Step 7. Nestle Mercury glass votive candle holder into the pine-cones and add a votive candle.
(I use and recommend a flameless or LED votive candle for safety which can purchased at Walmart or most craft stores.)

For more DIY Fall jar inspiration please visit these amazing bloggers!
Also a great big thank you to Patti Estep for putting this Fall Blogger challenge together for us!

Please Join Me~
Life and LindaLove Of HomeBotanic BleuAn Extraordinary DayJ & JCedar Hill Farmhouse

Click on the blog name or image to see more:

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Thank you so much for joining us all today!


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