Thoughts Of Home On Thursday #23

Welcome to Week 23 of Thoughts of Home On Thursday! We had such an amazing party last week because of each one of you, sharing your time  and  talents with us and we thank you ever so much! Our hostess this week is Jemma and she has been creating a project for the Sweet Tea fabric  challenge using sweet tea charm packs. Stop by and visit Poofing The Pillows and Decor To Adore too, to see where their creativity  took  them in this challenge.                                                                                                                                                                                Decorating   If you have ever wondered how to arrange flowers, search no more. Barb from  The Everyday Home ,  shows us step by step how   to create a stunning  arrangement for your  home.                                                          Recipes                          Everyday Savvy  shared these cute and clever cupcakes with us and some creative theme parties as well

Love You To The Moon & Back Canvas Art

I never imagined that back in March of this year when the Sweet Tea Fabric line was  launched that I would be part of this exciting fabric  challenge using KariAnne's Sweet Tea  Fabric Line . This fabric is   truly such a sweet, sweet fabric and the colors are  pure  Summertime  joy. One of the real nifty parts about all of this, is that this friendly Texas craft  challenge  really  did  all begin  over Texas  sweet  tea,  pound  cake and a group of gals  chatting  and laughing at our Texas Art and Craft  retreat. One of the gals,  Carole from  Garden Up Green   initiated the notion and well, the rest is  history! Don't you just love a good heartwarming story to go along with a project... We were all given charm packs at the Art and craft retreat to use for this  project.  If you are unfamiliar with a charm pack they are c ollections of pre-cut 5 inch squares of  fabric, which can be used anyway you would like, the sky is the limit on how to channel  your inner  creativity. I

5 Fabulous Plants You Must Have

So great of you to stop by today and I am so glad that you did. Today I am going to be sharing with you all  five easy plants to grow that will make you  proud  and at the  same  time put on a bit  of a colorful show too. Ferns are some of my favorite plants and there are so many fabulous ones to choose from,  however my all time favorite  and the one that preforms the best for me year after year is  the  Asparagus Fern . White blossoms, vibrant red berries combined with a lush bright green foliage make them a  winner for me. These two have been with me for 8 years now, at our previous home, the apartment and  now  our new home. They love water, morning sun, afternoon shade and good dose of fertilizer every few weeks. Oh the colorful and exotic nature of the  Fuchsia Plant , always delights me. The fuchsia plant is not quite as easy going as the asparagus fern and has a bit  of temperamental side when it come to watering and Summer heat. But with diligence and good maintenance it will

Fading Flower Farmhouse Vignette

I was, well I actually still am so terribly dissapointed over my fading hydrangeas. All of my life I have adored hydrangeas, I don' think that I even knew what they were called  as a child but they always caught my eye. I am sure that they caught yours too, how can one resist these luscious plants and blooms. But here is my challenge I live in Texas. Summer rains are infrequent and we are on  water r estrictions 12 months of the year. Those glorious, heavy rains of Spring which awaken sleeping plants and bring  vibrant luster to  a prairie landscape are like a well that runs dry. They simply stop, and these glorious bodacious blooms which had no knowledge of thirst, rapidly began to shrink and fade. I just could not bear the thought of tossing these blooms away, even though they had faded  so quickly. Instead, I created a fading flowers farmhouse vignette that truly welcomes tired and muted  petals of Summer. My intent when choosing our paint colors and design for our new home was

Patriotic Jello Jigglers

I have always had this complex love-hate relationship with  jello-jigglers .   Here is why, what to do with the leftover jello after the shapes have been cut out. But here I am once again making them, because I think they are so cute and festive and  well fun and they make me smile. Fun and smiling are good and so are these happy little hearts and stars which just  symbolize the 4th of July in the most perfect way. So, here is the  recipe and a cute  way to serve them up. So, do you want to know what I did with the left over jello? I chopped it up in neat little cubes, put it in a super pretty dessert dish and topped it with whip cream and a bright red cherry and served it to the hubby. He was happy and my love-hate relationship over jello jigglers is over. I now, just love them... I think adults might even like these berry flavored jigglers served on top of marshmallows  and I just bet that a dollop of sweet whip cream would make this extra tasty and except for