How To Cook Fresh Garden Peas

I just love fresh veggies, especially when they are served straight from the garden to the  table and that is what we were treated to this last week when I picked our first crop of  Garden peas. Cooking fresh peas, is well easy peasy. The true key is not to over cook them. I grew up on fresh garden peas and I have many, many sweet memories of shelling them  under the Ash  Tree in our backyard with my Mom and Grandma. Mom would often times give me a little gentle scolding, if you can call it that, for eating too  many of them while I was shelling them! You know fresh garden peas are truly the tastiest straight from the shell. We would gather our frayed blue and white webbed lawn chairs around in a circle and  many  times we drank a good old fashioned coke-cola while we chatted, shelled and  sometimes  swatted pesky flies. Grandma always wore floral dresses that were mid-calf, thick stockings and dark black  shoes. Sometimes I forget that, but I didn't this year when I was picking an

My Birdhouse

If I were a bird I know just the type of house I would like to live in. One of them would be this one, which I was so fortunate to win from one of the sweetest  little giveaways this  side of Lake Ray Hubbard. Carole at Garden Up Green  is such a tremendous resource for Texas gardening and she  just  recently had a giveaway. I entered, I won and we met at Hobby Lobby!!! We chatted just like we had known one another for ever. So fun. I  have tried my Birdhouse in several different spots. For now this charming Birdhouse, which is a perfect mix of rustic and feminine is  tucked along side my  happy geraniums and  as you can see there is already a little Bird who  has landed here. Thank you Carole, so much! My recent win has sparked an interest in Birdhouse's for me so I am sharing some creative  and unique styles with you today. Just look at this one with a penny roof. Great way to recycle clever. Since we are Texans   I am just thinking that this  Cowboy Boot Birdhouse ,

Wandering Wednesday~Daily Joys

Daily joys I find at home.  Which is my sanctuary, where I find simple pleasures. No matter where or how I far I roam, I always long to return home. Storm clouds rumble, grumble in a gruff and hurried sort of way. Rain drops permeate every molecule of air and pungent earthy fragrances linger on rosy red petals. I want to go home. My memories; they shape many of my days, they are the way I saw my life, through those rose colored glasses. That I will never ever give up. Home, there is no place like it. Where do you find your daily joys? XO

Ten Tips On Organizing A Craft Retreat

We are just about 6 weeks out from our first annual Texas Bloggers Art/Craft Retreat. My goal is to share with you all the journey of organizing and implementing a retreat such  as  this one.   We are truly blessed to have an active group of Texas bloggers, all over this big state. Many of them live in North Texas, which is where I call home sweet home.                    We are blessed in many other ways too.                    We have this lovely sister like  blogger with a heart of gold.                      You might just know this fine gal~   Stacey, and  she  blogs at Poofing The Pillows .                Stacey is graciously assisting me in  coordinating this craft retreat. A good bit of this tale began when Stacey sort of scooped up us Texas gals like we were  melting  dollops of neapolitan ice cream on a  hot August afternoon. Oh she didn't stop there, she gently corralled us all in as if we were wild long horns on the  wide  open prairie, thats just her natural way, and wh

Spring Garden Party

Good Morning! Today is Monday April 25th and we are  honoring life, friendships, Spring,  and gardening!  The ladies from Share Your Cup and Thoughts of Home on Thursday welcome you to a Spring Garden Party. Today we welcome you to link up what grows on your patio, in your flowerbeds, veggies in the garden or herbs in terracotta pots. What ever sort of plantings inspire you. Today I am sharing my Texas gardening spots (except for the veggies.)  Oh, and my youngest daughter's new puppy Captain... smile...I could not resist! Since our home is new our flowerbeds are working hard to grow strong and full. So, while they fill in and grow full and abundant I have focused on adding pops of color in  all  sorts of pots and containers. You will find herbs, petunias, ferns, impatiens, geraniums, succulents and such. Later on this week I will be sharing my favorite plants for Summer time, and a peek at my hydrangeas...squeal! Some information on growing  hydrangeas. My Garden... is my... Happy