Aging With Style During the Holidays

What thoughts comes to mind when you hear the words  Holidays and Style. Does your imagination create a picture of a White Christmas or Christmas Vacation? We all have that Aunt, the crazy cousin, the relative that brings the fruitcake that no one  eats, but she is determined to keep certain traditions alive. That particular relative that brings the fruitcake would be me, and here is the recipe for White Fruitcake . I make it because my Mom did, it was a tradition of hers, and now it is a tradition of mine, even if  I am the only one eating it! Which brings us to ~  Aging with Style During the Holidays. 1.Keep the traditions alive that mean the most to you. Aging with Style is not just appearance, it is living your life with traditions and a deliberate  mindset that defines who you are and what you represent to yourself and others. I would rather be remembered as the Lady that brought the fruitcake, than dismissed as  the woman who had no clear cut direction of what her life meant

Holiday Pumpkin Roll

Is there anything quite  as welcoming, and inviting as the aroma of cakes, pies and breads  baking in the oven. Combine that with a crisp chill to the air, glowing candles and a crackling fire. Add a slice of this Holiday Pumpkin Roll to the equation and you are set just in time for the Holidays. It is simple, dependable, and delicious.  All that you have to do is print the recipe, follow the directions and then tuck your  recipe in your recipe file box. We all have a recipe file box, right?   Or maybe we don't. Well then-this has me thinking. That just maybe I need to give these as Christmas gifts to my daughter's. Do young women have recipe file boxes nowadays... Do we need a recipe file box giveaway?? We will visit this topic on recipe file boxes a little later in this post. In the meantime, this is a wonderful, wonderful recipe. I recommend making it the day before you will be serving it, because it actually is even tastier spending those 24 hours plus in the fridge. This r

Darren Gygi Artwork-A Review & Giveaway

I have always loved paintings from the very early days of my childhood, when I would make  chalk drawings on brown paper grocery bags. Although, I never became an artist,  I do enjoy having art in my home and respect those that  have the talent to create. So, when the courteous, and professional folks from  Darren Gygi Home Collection , inquired about an opportunity for you and I- well I said yes! You see Darren has been interested in Art all of his life and his doodling in the margins of  his notebooks did not stop there, his talent led him on an artistic journey. He began his career as a freelance illustrator, commissioned high-end portraits and now  he creates gorgeous, high quality giclee prints for the home. Today I am sharing one of them with you! For you my friends I chose one of the most beloved flowers in the world. The delicate and beautiful hydrangea. All of the artwork is wrapped around the outside of the frame and is ready to incorporate  into y our   own decorating style.

Please Pass The Desserts

Some of my sweet friends have asked if I would put together a little collection of our favorite desserts for the Holidays, well folks, here they are with links included! I have shared most of these desserts at family gatherings, and with our large Texas family, I have never seen one slice, or one scoop left behind on the dessert dish. I have included a little note about each one of them, because some of them are prettier than others and some have a flavor that suits me better. After you look, let me know what you decide! This cake is a show stopper for your Holiday gatherings. This cake sings and dances and says "look at me!" I made this cake two years ago for Christmas. Now, this cake is heavy, dense, and eggnog delicious, that is, if you like eggnog. Take a peek at this top pin  Bundt Cake Love . I am a fan of bundt cakes, because they just look so pretty and special. My Mom was a fan of two layer cakes and they look fabulous too, so take your batter and make these cakes ei

DIY Snow Time

If you enjoy sewing projects, then this simple let it snow embroidery craft is calling your name. I think you will really enjoy this one, it is a great craft you can have tucked away,  just in case .  You know how there are those days, when you would like to have something to work on, or need something to whip up in a moments notice. Simple supplies, and snow time can easily be made under two hours. Perfect little hostess gift or perhaps a gift for a sweet friend, beloved teacher or just keep it for yourself. I found this project in Holiday Crafts and tweaked it to my liking. Have you ever had the chance to take a look at this magazine?   I think it is well worth the $5.99 and it is a special interest publication  of Better Homes and Gardens, so you know you are going to find at least a couple of good crafts. It also has ideas for wrapping Christmas gifts, tags and embellishments. Most of the projects are easy to moderate in their difficulty level so there are several ideas that I wo

Meet The Artist Anita Rivera

We can officially say that the Holidays are upon us, and what better way to kick off the season than meeting an artist French Teacher who is a student of poetry and photography! Anita Rivera is first and foremost a Lady, an articulate woman who delivers first class inspiration, and talent wherever she goes. This month you will find her poetry published in  Prairie Style Magazine . I have had the joyful opportunity to chat with Anita and exchange weekly emails. This communication all developed into a caring and cherished friendship, and an interview. So, please sit back, relax, enjoy her decorating, photography, poetry and become inspired! Anita was born and raised in Los Angeles but really grew up in Boston, Massachusetts where she and her husband went to school.  Her journey into academics and teaching started in Boston, but the artistic rekindling of her spirit began in  Minneapolis, where she lives now.  It all began seven years ago when she started her blog.  She and her husband ha