A Treasured Georgia Christmas

Amanda has finished decorating her historical home in Fort  Benning,  Georgia.  You'll remember my visit there in October,  when I  shared my trip with you in my Thankful and Pleased   post.   She  has incorporated treasures  from the sea as well as the  forests to  bring  a certain natural magic to the  Season. Starfish, silver baubles, pine cones and the glow of her frosted Christmas tree  make her sitting room a very special place to be. Although she did not join us for Tis The Season tour, I was looking  forward to sharing with you some of the ways  in which she  celebrates The Season with her young family.  In creating her Christmas theme she combines natural elements with  her own handmade creations.  It all begins with the simple elegance   of the natural grapevine Star on top of her petite Christmas Tree. To her handmade Toile Christmas Stockings,  hung  by  the chimney  with so much love and care.  Her creativity  and  talent shine throughout her home. The mantle decorated

Traditional Christmas Home Tour

Welcome friends, so great to have you join me. I  have  a cozy  fire burning, Christmas music playing, cookies are baking and the  Tea is almost ready, so come on in!   I am delighted to  be able to  share my Tis The Season Christmas  Home with you. This is the first day of our Tis The Season Blog Tour, Chris from  The Cafe Sucre Farine  and I  will be your hosts.  There is more    inspiration waiting for you  throughout the week, links are included  at  the end of this post. I have enjoyed working with the theme of Tis The Season.  In our  home Tis The Season represents embracing traditions and using  treasured collections from the past.  When you enter our home you will see this sweet little antique secretary desk.   I found this little secretary in a whimsical shop eons ago and just  recently gave her a fresh coat of french  grey paint which  has  made this  little desk shine.      I have displayed my Hummel collection in this desk for our  traditional Christmas theme this year.  Th

The Christmas Sled

This is the tale of a well loved Christmas sled, a sled that was used  until it was  worn out. I received it the year I was between five and  seven along with a baby doll. The sled carried me from the edge of  the sloping  river  banks on to the  bumpy  crystal frozen waters. Where I sailed across the glassy, slippery ice with complete glee and freedom from heavy boots, soggy sweaters, frozen mittens and rosy  frosted cheeks.  When the ice became too thin for safe travels, my parents would pull me behind the pick up truck, while snow and  wind  swirled about me like a small tornado.  I loved it all, every  moment. My sled is long gone, where I do not know.  It was no ordinary sled,  it was magical, at least to a youngster.   For years I  have  been  looking  for a sled and just when I thought I had found  the  perfect  sled I found fault with it.  Until I found this one. I found this Dano 80 sled in a antique shed -not shop, there is a huge difference.  I literally crawled over and mov

Pinterest Perfect Decorating

I am such a fan of Pinterest, I always find just what I am looking for. Now, how many times can a girl honestly say that?  I have put together a few of my favorite window shopping treasures and I am actually going to incorporate some of these ideas into our home. And since I am going all out this Christmas-I seem to have a  renewed spirit.  I  really can't say why, my life is not perfect, but I  am  thankful for  where my journey has taken me.  And when I say  all  out, I mean  that I am pulling out all of my Christmas decorations.  I am sorting through boxes that have been tucked away for years. I  have added a touch of this and that to bring new life to beloved treasures.                                                                            Source My mail box is not black-no problem I will still make a gorgeous red  bow and add some greenery and berries-just know this will make  our  mailman smile.                                                                           Sou

Visions Of Sugarplums

Rebecca and Molly have just finished decorating for Christmas and  I  am so happy to share their Sugarplum theme with you.  When I saw all of the candy, gingerbread homes and lollipops I thought of  "Twas The Night Before  Christmas," by Clement Clarke Moore. I am sure most of you are familiar with this beloved poem and if you are like me you most likely memorized it.  I remember my  Grandmother giving me the beautifully illustrated version of it one  year for  Christmas.  I read it year after year until the pages were  worn out. Some fun facts on this beloved poem- it was first published  anonymously in 1823.  Four handwritten copies of the poem are known to exist and three are in museums. The fourth copy was hand written and signed by Moore as a gift to  a  friend in 1860. Just a few years ago in December of 2006 it  was  sold by one private collector to another. There are different legends as to the origins of the poem some  legends state that the  the poem was written on