Inspirational Thursday-Mountain Views

This is the time of the year that we have had it with Texas, you know how folks that live in the cold climates go South for the Winter?   Well, when you live in North Texas you want to leave the state during the months of  July through September, and going West is very desirable. It is just plain, hot and dry here and not nearly enough to do even if  you do have a  swimming pool.  Cabin fever sets in and we all know that is not a good thing. So, my friends we are leaving for Denver Colorado. I have done some research about this beautiful state, as well as the mile high city and I am sharing these facts with you today.                                                                          Source I love the mountains, the fresh mountain air and oh the wonderfully cool nights which make for the best of rests. Yes, we are leaving  Texas, for a week. Fun Facts: Denver is known as the mile high city-It is 1 mile above sea level Denver is the Capital of Colorado and turns 154 years old this

Burlap & Chevron Collegiate Wreath

Want to show your team spirit? How about adding a Collegiate wreath to your  door- Or add a Collegiate wreath to your Football party Vignette- What better or snazzy way to add some flair and color to your  door, table or even tailgate party than a wreath. I really hadn't thought much about a Collegiate wreath until a dear friend of my youngest daughter asked if I would make her  one.   I thought this was such a nifty idea and a really great way to show your team spirit. This particular  young Lady recently graduated from  Texas  Christian  University in Fort Worth Texas, she is now employed and resides in  her own apartment, this wreath will hang on her front door. I asked her to give me a list of what was important to her and with  that in mind, this is the wreath which I came up with.   Football is crazy big in the heart of Texas-You remember Friday  Night lights? " A Town, A Team, A Dream" well this is reality in  many, many towns in Texas and the one in which I live i

Seasonal & Thrifty Creations-DIY

You know, sometimes preparing for the change of seasons can be  a challenge.  There are weeks and days in everyone's life where there just isn't enough time, energy or passion.  So I put together a few  simple and fun ideas that I felt were time and money savers.   Everyone loves a cupcake, and everyone loves a cupcake that is  dressed up.  Short on time and energy?  Buy some festive seasonal sprinkles and cupcake liners. Notice how these sprinkles have bright orange pumpkins mixed in  and the cupcake liners are pumpkins too?  Add a little frosting, a  mini cake plate for presentation and you are set!  Thrifty, seasonal  and simple!  Keep your eye open for sales-this cake plate came  from  TJ Maxx-a real steal for 3 dollars. Primitive and natural decorating is not for everyone, but if it is your  thing, keep your eyes open to the possibilities all around you.  I  found these sticks while walking, or maybe they found me, because  they fit together perfectly without any cutting.

Terra Cotta and Cloche Vignette

This is a spot that has needed just a touch of something.  I wasn't  quite certain what it was that would perk up this spot on  my bookshelf until I came across these two charming glass cloche's at Michael's. The history of the glass cloche bell jar is quite interesting.  The  cloche was developed by the French.  The purpose was to protect  an early garden plant from frost. It is not the season for sprouting plants or protecting them from  frost, but I do have an abundance of marigolds blooming.  I picked a few and used  two marigold blossoms and tied a simple bow out of  twine around  their stems and placed them under the cloche.   The French knew that by placing the plant under the dome it would hasten the crop to maturity.  So, it seems that not only were they decorative they were are also very functional.  I like this seasonal arrangement and mix of terracotta and glass  together.  These two saucers were natural terracotta-In order to  achieve a scratchy chippy appearan

Polka Dot Brownies

I was simply looking for an extraordinary brownie recipe. So, I pulled out one of my many, many cookbooks, a 1985  Southern Living one to be exact.  Flipping through the pages  two pieces of notebook paper fell out with two recipes, in my handwriting. was my handwriting from a much  earlier period in  my life.  You know how when you are  younger you  experiment with different styles of writing?   This was my  period of loops and swirls.  Life was good in  1985-so this just  had to be a great recipe.  Please, please  do not ask me where  or who I copied this recipe from...It is as much of a  mystery  to  me as to you. But, honestly it won't matter one bit when  you bite into this  heavenly treat.  They are a cross between a  bar cookie and  fudge!  The consistency is amazing and they are oh so, so  easy.   I made a few little adaptations here and there just to take them to the next level of pure decadent delight!  Polka Dot Bar Cookies With Vanilla Frosting & Caramel I

Inspirational Thursday-Roses & Apache Blessing

I bought two rose buds for myself and I would like to share  them  with you. What is the special occasion you may ask and I will reply - is there really any need for one? I spent a good bit of time picking them out, because it was a treat  for myself.  I was savouring the moment like it was a perfect piece  of  rich chocolate.   It was a splurge to remind me that I need to be  kind to myself.   "Would you like them wrapped up?"  The Florist asked. I hesitated for a moment thinking well they are just for me, so not  really.  But then I caught myself... "Why, yes I would, I replied."  With a slight lilt in my voice. The florist wrapped them gently and tied them with a very  special twine...I was smiling inside, these were my gift to myself.   Oh, I receive lovely and thoughtful gifts from family and  friends and the treasures they have given me are priceless. These rose buds were a gift to myself  to help me to  remember  to worry less,  find more energy and strength