Fashion Friday-Neutrals, Emerald and Pink

I am incorporating more neutral into my Spring and Summer wardrobe this year. Such a beautiful basic which seals the deal for a look that stays looking cool,  sharp and put-together.   Don't you think a little glitz and glam add interest and fun-just imagine these bejeweled sandals with a fresh pedicure.  Or the bangle with soft pink polish on well groomed nails. Ruffles, hoops and Emerald Green are one of this Season's Fashion trends. While shopping last weekend I found a billowy Emerald Green Blouse-it seems to  me that Emerald green is an extremely flattering color for nearly every skin tone. I have truly  fallen in love all over again with pink for lips and nails!  I love the  feminine, flattering  and soft look they add to any woman at any age.   Flouncy hats, lacy heels, roses, gold, pink and white-isn't it just so fun being a  woman! What are your favorite colors for this Season?

Inspirational Thursday-Wicked-A New Musical

Oh, I am in a happy place today-and I want to share my happiness with you!! Why? When I found out that Wicked was coming to Dallas at Music Hall at Fair Park- I squealed-maybe not really squealed-but I was one happy gal! Two months ago we purchased these tickets and I have been counting down the months, weeks, days and hours and the time has now have arrived. The hubby, some dear friends and I  are seeing  Wicked! Source Wicked- a musical adaptation of a novel written by Gregory Maguire-which just happens to be a parallel novel of my all time favorite movie... The Wizard of Oz- The Wizard of Oz -seems to transcend generations, cultures and ideology because   I have yet to meet a person who did not appreciate something about The Wizard  Of Oz.   My seven and three year old granddaughters LOVE this movie- a young associate at work was beside herself when I mentioned to her that we were going  to see Wicked- because she enjoys musicals and because she loves  The Wizard of  Oz-            

Lavender Fields-A Spot Of Tea

Lavender... What comes to mind? Restful sleep? Calmness? Wonderful Scent? I am always thrilled when the things in my garden grow well-but I am even happier when they also provide me with a product!  I think this wanting a return on my efforts comes from my farming roots.  Growing up on a agriculture farm just gets in your blood and it never ever leaves,  You can take the girl out of the farm, but never ever take the farm out of the girl! So, when I saw that I had enough blossoms on my lavender... I asked myself one question- Tea? Lavender Tea is calming and has many components which are beneficial:  flavonoids, tannins, coumarins, and essential oils. Freshly cut lavender is delightful it has such a pungent and aromatic scent.  It has  been used for centuries all over the world for food and for healing. There are  more than 20 species of lavender today, three of the most commonly found varieties are true lavender, spike lavender and lavandin. True lavender

Blackberry Studded Lemon Pound Cake with Lemony Drizzle

This is a cake to bake!  I promise it is exceptional!  I follow this wonderful Blog and Chris is the woman behind this recipe. Cafe`  Sucre` Farine Blackberry Studded Lemon Pound Cake is a cake for all occasions and especially great as we are going into Spring and Summer.  So many events to celebrate  this time of the year. It could be  Mother's Day, Bridal and Baby Showers,  Graduations, Church functions, Ladies Luncheon , Afternoon Teas.  This cake will  be the showstopper for any  of these occasions.   When this cake came out of the pan looking like this I knew it was going to be a keeper.  Now, when you head on over to Chris's blog and see her cake please, please don't judge my decorating!  I am not a professional-just a fun loving, cake baking Momma and Grammy! A couple of things-Chris said to "follow her directions exactly!"  So I did-probably the first time in my life!!  Maybe there is a real message here-follow   directions and things will work out like th

Inspirational Thursday-A Snippet

I have noticed that my life is made up of snippets... What is a snippet you ask?   I actually googled it... A snippet is: A small piece of something. I have also noticed that the older I become the more snippets I have... I am actually thankful that I noticed this because this way I am able to collect t hem.  Some people may call them moments, memories, events, occasions,  images, thoughts.    Along the road of life we must watch for snippets, because they are  all around us. The beauty of a snippet is that no one can take it away from  you, it cannot even be modified it is your snippet! Isn't that so wonderful!  It is yours forever and ever and no matter  what happens - it still is your snippet! I have decided that snippets are very important, especially as we grow older. Snippets are much like the mosaic in this post.  All of these snippets are mine. I will see them totally different than you or my children,  because they are my  snippet, my memory, my view, my dream, my moment a

Birdcage In My Garden

Two Chippy Birdcages rest in my quaint little garden. Nestled in between boxwood, moss and English Ivy. White and Red geraniums brighten up their little corner of the garden. Their embellished and chippy little legs balance on the hand prints molded in stone of childhood days. Gentle Spring Rains and soft breezes continue to age my little bird cages. Sometimes it seems as though these little birds may just take flight. I added this little brass Birdcage today!   Do you have any little treasures nestled in your garden spot? Fishtail Cottage Have A Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson Coastal Charm The View From Right There