White and Glitter Easter Egg Wreath

I have become a fan of deco-mesh, for making wreaths.  The wire form is so easy and light to work with and the deco-mesh just continues to be produced in more color options and fabric.    I wanted this wreath to be symbolic as well as versatile so I chose white mesh for Easter.  This  project uses a mid size wire form, 4 spools of white deco mesh, 1 dozen glitter Easter Eggs, 1 butterfly, 1 rhinestone bow, fishing line, white paint and scissors.  Total time to assemble and  hang approximately 1 to 2 hours.  When using white deco-mesh paint wire wreath form white and let dry overnight.  When dry begin weaving mesh in and out of the wires.  This is what creates the fullness and beauty of the wreath.  The more deco-mesh used the fuller the wreath. After weaving deco-mesh through wire frame add the butterfly and rhinestone bow.  I used clear fishing line to do this. Cut the ribbon in half  in order to tie each egg onto the wreath.  This way the eggs can be removed easily after Easter and t

Fashion Friday- Live A Little

Could I interest you in a trip to the beach?  Your wardrobe is waiting for you.  You have worked hard and deserve a vacation. Come on, just live a little... No worries for you-the resort is waiting for your arrival. This pink chair and umbrella have your name on them. Your luggage is here and so is your vacation wear. Perfect for shopping after a day in the sun. Flattering and Fashionable Ready for a stroll along the boardwalk, several sets to choose from. Enjoying each day... Something for every style... Love the Sun! For more Fashion Inspiration please join me on Pinterest- Looking Good . Rest and Relax my friends-the weekend is yours to enjoy~

Inspirational Thursday-Texas Spring

Welcome to Spring-In North Texas!  Oh we have such   beautiful Springs, and that is a really good thing, because after Spring we get more than just Summer-we get HOT!   So, I am embracing Spring.  I am going to hold on to Spring tightly.  I am going to squeeze every single moment out of every single Spring day!   If I could I would bottle Spring and when the jalapeno Hot weather arrives, I would open my bottle and sprinkle Spring all around me! I am not only embracing Spring weather, I planted Spring in flowerpots. In Texas we have to trick our tulip and daffodils into blooming. We really don't have a "true" Winter. So, Way back in November-when everyone else was thinking of pumpkin pies I was putting tulip and daffodils bulbs in our extra refrigerator. I was tricking my bulbs into thinking they were hibernating in a cold climate. They stay in our refrigerator until mid January. When we have a warm and sunny day I take my bulbs out and away I go planting!  And then... Mot

Chocolate Pudding Surprise

This is a little dessert that is dreamy, uncomplicated so simple and fun.  It has been children tested on all four of mine and now my grandchildren !  When my children were young, I would make pudding-from scratch, yes, scratch.  Eggs, milk sugar vanilla and cook it very slowly over a low heat.  I should have used a double boiler, but I am pretty sure I never had one!  So I stirred and stirred.  I did not want the precious pudding to scorch.  Four children undoubtedly ran a muck while I stirred just in order to create my homemade pudding parfait a.k.a Chocolate Pudding Surprise! Then the pudding would be layered in beautiful glass dishes.  Sometimes I would even use goblets, just to make them all feel very loved and very special. This recipe can be used with your own special homemade recipe, or a box of jello pudding. If this is to be enjoyed immediately use instant jello-for this post that is exactly what I did! Ingredients: 2 cups finely crushed Teddy

Jemma's Easter Table

My table is all ready for our Easter celebration.  I have some new  additions this year! Some colorful and large eggs from... I bet you can guess...THE RED DOOR.  Some fluttery pastel butterflies.   My dining room has glorious Southern exposure, I struggled in trying to tone this down a smidgen.  I am so going to invest in a new camera. Do you know that this Easter Bunny is also a candlestick and nutcracker!  For the life of me, I cannot remember where I got him. Here is one of the wonderful BIG Easter Eggs!! Don't you think it is so, so cute!! I really treasure these vintage postcards.  It is so fun to be able to mix and match treasured pieces. My youngest daughter gave me this wooden Easter Bunny and egg plate, aren't they both so whimsical? One of the desserts I will be serving on Easter. It is already grandchildren approved!  Recipe will be in Wednesday's post! I am joining Brenda this Tuesday  COZY LITTLE HOUSE Come on over with me on Wednesday to  IVY AND ELEPHANTS En

Decorating Blue Bedrooms

We love our new paint color in our upstairs bedrooms.  We chose blue. You can do so much with blue-it is such a forgiving color-blends, melds and compliments so many other tones prints, and vignettes. Afternoon naps are best taken in this sun-kissed soft blue  bedroom , with billowy cotton curtains and brown toile linen. Brown and blue are such a soothing combination. This little accent table was a dowdy brown at one time-from  Bombay  company.  Immediate update - a coat of blue paint.   For a Spring update, I put away the toile and bring out the  color. I am changing my warm brown for winter to brighter with just a hint of nautical.  Isn't this quilt incredible-almost a chevron print hand-quilted from Mom. Gallery wall with treasured hand embroidered linens from  25 years ago. very well preserved from resting in a cedar chest. Future post on this DIY project. Blue walls, upholstery nail-head headboard and accent pillows-a  Red Door exclusive. Please Join Me At These Parties: Thist